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Last updated: November 1, 2018


HubSpot uses the Contact ownerCompany ownerDeal owner, and Ticket owner properties to set the ownership of a contact, company, or deal. You can also assign additional owners using a custom HubSpot user field type propertyAny HubSpot account users with access to contacts can be designated as owners.

There are several ways to assign owners to records in HubSpot:

Please note: if you have the Salesforce integration enabled, your contact owner assignment will default to what is specified in Salesforce

Assign an owner to a single record

  • Use the search bar at the top to find the owner property, then click the dropdown menu under the property and select an owner.
  • Click Save.

Bulk assign an owner to multiple records


Assign owners using workflows (Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise; Sales Hub Professional; or Service Hub Professional)

Assign one owner to all enrolled contacts

If you have access to the workflows tool, you can automatically assign ownership to enrolled contacts using the Set contact property value action. Select your contact owner property, then select the user that you'd like to assign the enrolled contacts to.

Please note: you can only assign ownership via workflows to users with a paid seat.

To automatically assign ownership to your other contact owners, you can clone your workflow, change the enrollment triggers based on the assignment rules for each owner, and update the selected owner in the Set contact property value action. Alternatively, use branching logic to assign different owners to your contacts based on different criteria.

Rotate contacts to multiple owners

If you have a Sales Hub Professional account, you can also automatically rotate contacts among specific paid users or teams in your account using the Rotate leads action in your workflow. Rotating your leads with a workflow will evenly distribute incoming contacts to specified contact owners. The lead rotator will randomly assign leads to whichever owner has the lowest lead count. Because more than one owner could have the lowest lead count at a given time, all owners will come out with the same number of leads from the lead rotator action, but the order in which they're assigned those leads may vary.

Keep the following in mind when using the Rotate leads action:

  • You can only rotate contact ownership to users that have been assigned paid seats.
  • A lead rotation workflow will not assign a lead owner to a contact if that contact already has an assigned contact owner.
  • If you add or remove contact owners from the Rotate leads action after your workflow has been turned on, the distribution assignments will reset and the random assignments will start again. Newly enrolled contacts will be rotated to all of the selected contact owners or team members evenly, regardless of the rotation assignment counts for previously enrolled contacts.
  • If you have more than one Rotate leads actions in your workflow, the actions will execute independently of one another. Ownership will be distributed to all contact owners in each action evenly, but distribution percentages from other actions in the workflow will not be taken into account. 
Please note: users who purchased Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise before November 1, 2017 will also have access to the Sales Hub Professional workflow actions, including the Rotate leads action. Users who purchased Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise after November 1, 2017 will need to purchase Sales Hub Professional to gain access to the Rotate leads action.

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