Why shouldn't I delete contacts from HubSpot?

Last updated: January 19, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

A fundamental value of HubSpot's Contact database is that each interaction builds off the interactions before it. When you import contacts, this value is attained at the most basic level. The real advantage of HubSpot and inbound marketing lies in turning an anonymous visitor into a reachable contact. 

When you delete contacts from HubSpot, you are turning a known contact back into an anonymous visitor. The following is a list of everything that will be lost when you delete a HubSpot contact:

  • All of the contact's interaction data (except for email interactions):
    • Form submission data
    • Website visit information
    • List membership data
    • Data from integrations (Salesforce, Wistia, GoToWebinar, SurveyMonkey)
    • Lifecycle stage transition data
    • Information about custom Event (Enterprise Only) completion
  • Your existing reports will be affected:
    • Deleted contacts are removed from the Dashboard
    • Any visits the contact had will still appear in the Sources Report, but the contact will be removed from the count of contacts generated by a specific source
    • Contacts generated by a campaign will no longer appear in the Campaign Dashboard under HubSpot Marketing > Productivity > Campaigns > click into a campaign
    • The contacts will remain in the form submissions and landing page submissions reports, but they will appear as No Contact

While there are legitimate reasons to delete contacts in order to keep your lists fresh, such as spam submissions or ineligible contacts, it is important for you to consider the future interaction potential of a contact before removing them from your database. For information about deleting ineligible contacts who have unsubscribed or bounced, check out this article.

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