How do I set up and deploy a SurveyMonkey survey with HubSpot?

Last updated: June 30, 2017

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Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
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After turning on the HubSpot SurveyMonkey Integration, you will be ready to sync information from your surveys to HubSpot. You'll first need to have a survey created inside of SurveyMonkey (details on that here). You can collect survey responses in one of two ways: using an email invitation collector or a web link collector.

Please note: If you have a Basic or Standard (Select) SurveyMonkey account, you will only be able to use an email invitation collector to pass data to HubSpot. SurveyMonkey Advantage (Gold) and Premier (Platinum) users can use email invitation collector surveys and web link collector surveys. Read more about SurveyMonkey's plans here.

  • If you are using an email invitation collector survey:
    • Your survey takers must access the survey via the survey link in the email they receive, sent from SurveyMonkey, which is unique to their email address.
    • Additionally, you do not need to have an email address field on your survey, since SurveyMonkey automatically grabs that information from the referral URL.
  • If you are using a web link collector survey:
    • You must ask your respondents for their email address as the first question in the survey. The question must include the word "email" and be a Single Textbox question type.

      Please note: Using the Contact Information field set with only the Email Address section present will not register respondents in HubSpot; the field type must be a Single Textbox.
  • Once you have a survey created, navigate in the top right corner of HubSpot to Account Menu > Integrations.
Integrations Home
  • Click Settings under SurveyMonkey and turn the relevant surveys On.
Once you turn on a survey, HubSpot will pull in all of the relevant data, create any new contacts, and give you the ability to segment on SurveyMonkey submissions in HubSpot. Any new email addresses will be created as new contacts in HubSpot - existing contacts will have the survey appended to their contact record. HubSpot will check for new submissions every 1 to 2 hours.
HubSpot Contact Record
After you have contacts with survey results, you can use HubSpot lists in the Marketing product to segment the data. SurveyMonkey information will not live in HubSpot contact properties, but is accessible as SurveyMonkey data within the list tool.

HubSpot List Editor

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