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Last updated: August 20, 2018

If you have published a lead flow and it is not appearing on your site, ensure that you have set up the proper lead flow location URLs.

If you have configured your lead flow location URLs correctly, your lead flow might not display for the following reasons:

Your HubSpot tracking code is not installed on your site

Lead flows are installed on your site using the HubSpot tracking code. If the tracking code is not present, the lead flow will not appear. To check if your tracking code is installed:

  • Verify your HubSpot ID (Hub ID)If you do not know your Hub ID, navigate to your Dashboard. Your Hub ID appears in the top right corner (in the navigation bar).
  • Open a page on your website in your browser and right-click on the screen.
  • Select View page source or View source.
  • The next screen will show all of the code that makes up your website. To find out if the HubSpot tracking code is installed, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to bring up the search field. Search for [your Hub ID].js - for example: 369684.js

Learn how to install your tracking code if you have a HubSpot CRM or Marketing Hub Starter account or a Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account.

Please note: lead flows are not supported in Wix due to the way the HubSpot tracking code is installed.

You have previously canceled, or pressed "x," on your lead flow

When you create a lead flow, you can determine how much time should pass between when a visitor dismisses your lead flow and when it should appear again. If you select to show the dismissed lead flow again after two weeks, if a contact views a lead flow, then dismisses it by pressing the "x" or close button, it will not appear again for them until the two weeks pass. If you are not sure if this is happening on your computer, you can verify this by opening an incognito or private window to see if the lead flow appears. 

You have already filled out your lead flow

Once a lead flow has been completed and submitted by a contact, it will not display for them again. If you are not sure if this is happening to you, you can verify this by opening an incognito or private window in your browser to see if the lead flow appears.

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