How do I uninstall the HubSpot Salesforce Integration?

Last updated: January 25, 2016

Please Note:  Uninstalling and Reinstalling the connector rarely fixes issues with the integration.  If you are seeing sync errors or other issues with the integration, please search the Knowledge base, and attempt to troubleshoot the issue first.  If you are unable to resolve the errors please contact HubSpot Support.
  • To remove the Salesforce connector from HubSpot
    • Navigate to the Integration Settings screen by clicking the Avatar icon in the top right hand corner of your portal > Integrations > Salesforce Settings.
    • Disable the integration by clicking the on/off toggle in the upper right hand corner of the Salesforce settings screen.
    • Click "Disconnect"
  • To uninstall the HubSpot Packages from Salesforce
    • Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages (under Build)
    • Find HubSpot Integration and click Uninstall
    • You will need to remove anything that is associated to the app before the uninstall will succeed (Salesforce will tell you what needs to be removed when you click the Uninstall button)
    • The most common things that will need to be removed are the Visualforce elements on page layouts
    • An Export File containing package data and all related notes and attachments will be provided upon uninstalling; this file will be available for 48 hours to retrieve the data. NOTE: If you do not download these files from Salesforce during this window, you will not be able to retrieve them later.