Salesforce suspension guide

Last updated: January 29, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic
Sales Hub
Starter, Professional, Enterprise
Below are a list of reasons why your Salesforce integration with HubSpot may become suspended. You can opt in to receiving email notifications when your integration is suspended. Learn more here.
  • Salesforce Organization API Limit Exceeded - You have exceeded the API call limit set in Salesforce. Click here for instructions on how to view your Salesforce API call limit. It're recommended that you set your HubSpot API call limit to prevent exceeding your Salesforce API call limit, as this can incur additional charges from Salesforce. If you're doing a migration, you can call Salesforce support and request a temporary increase in your API call limit.  
Please note: if your Salesforce Org has additional integrations, these will also use API calls, and their usage must be taken into consideration when setting your daily call limit within HubSpot.
  • Salesforce Organization API Access Disabled - Ensure that the integration user has API access enabled.  Re-enter your Salesforce user credentials to clear the suspension message.  For additional assistance, reach out to Salesforce support.
  • Unknown Error - The error message HubSpot received from Salesforce was particularly uncommon, so we don't have a clear answer. These types of suspensions are very rare and often resolve themselves, but if the error persists after you have attempted to manually clear the suspension, reach out to HubSpot support.
  • Salesforce Object Permissions Missing - The most common reason for this error is that the integration user does not have the HubSpot Integration Permission Set. Please ensure that you have assigned this permission set to your user. Alternatively, one of the objects that you are attempting to sync does not have the correct permissions in Salesforce. Ensure that the integration user has Read/Write permissions on this object.  If you have permission to read/write on this object but are still encountering the error, it is a cross-related object. Ensure that the integration user has permission to read/write on any objects related by lookup, etc. The objects typically required by the integration are as follows: (please note that any objects that are cross referenced by one of these objects will also need to be visible to and editable by the integration user):
    • Leads
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
    • Opportunities
    • Campaigns
    • Tasks
    • Users
  • Salesforce Field Permissions Missing - The integration user does not have read/write permissions for a field on the syncing object or a field on an object related by lookup.
  • Salesforce Organization Locked - This is typically a temporary error caused when an operation is occurring that must be completed before another update can occur. Usually another integration is making an update to an object that is simultaneously being updated by HubSpot. You can attempt to dismiss this error by clicking Clear Suspension. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator to unlock the organization.
  • Salesforce Organization Storage Limits Exceeded - You have exceeded the storage limit in your Salesforce Org and will need to remove some of the stored data.  If you installed the Salesforce connector prior to version 2.60, you will have HubSpot Logs and HubSpot Log Messages, all of which can be safely deleted.  If you have never installed a version of the connector prior to 2.60 or you have already deleted the HubSpot Logs and Log Messages, then you will need to remove any objects you are willing to delete.
  • Salesforce Organization Unavailable - Salesforce is experiencing outages. Please see Salesforce Trust to check if your Org has been affected.
  • Server Error - Salesforce returned an unknown error. Wait a few minutes and try again, or contact Salesforce support. Additional information may be avilable at Salesforce Trust
  • HubSpot API Limit Exceeded - You have exceeded your API call allowance as specified in your Integration settings within HubSpot. Check your API call limit in Salesforce (for instructions, click here), after you have determined your call limit, you can set the number of calls HubSpot should be able to use in your integration settings.  If you have previously taken this step, you will need to wait until you have API calls available, and the integration will automatically unsuspend. If your Salesforce Org has additional integrations, these will also use API calls, and their usage must be taken into consideration when setting your daily call limit within HubSpot.
  • Missing Field Mappings - You do not have any fields mapped between HubSpot and Salesforce. If you have tried clearing the suspension and the error persists, or you do not have any default mappings, please contact HubSpot support.