How do I add re-enrollment triggers to a workflow to allow contacts to be enrolled in a workflow multiple times?

Last updated: May 25, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub: Pro, Enterprise
Sales Hub: Professional

By default, contacts may only be enrolled in workflows the first time they meet the workflow enrollment triggers or are enrolled manually. Using re-enrollment triggers, you can allow contacts to be enrolled in your workflows any time one of the re-enrollment triggers occur.

To set up the re-enrollment triggers:

  • Navigate to workflows:
    • In your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Contacts > Workflows.
    • In your HubSpot Sales account, navigate to Sales Tools > Workflows.
  • Click the name of a workflow.
  • Click the enrollment criteria icon.
  • Click Change enrollment options
  • Select the checkbox next to Allow contacts who meet the enrollment triggers to re-enroll when any one of the following occurs and choose the criteria you'd like to use for re-enrollment in the workflow.
  • After making the necessary edits, click Done, then Save

There are a few things to note about how the re-enrollment triggers work:

  • The contact must meet the enrollment triggers at the time they meet the re-enrollment trigger in order for them to be re-enrolled in the workflow. If they meet the re-enrollment criteria but no longer meet the starting conditions, the contact will not be re-enrolled.
  • If you select more than one re-enrollment trigger, then each of those triggers can enroll contacts independently; the contact does not need to meet all of the re-enrollment triggers in order to be re-enrolled.
  • By default, once you've chosen to allow contacts to be re-enrolled, contacts are automatically eligible to be re-enrolled manually. Contacts who are manually enrolled in workflows do not have to meet the starting triggers to be enrolled. There is no way to turn this off.
  • Contacts cannot be enrolled in a workflow more than once at a time, so if a contact is already active in a workflow when they meet the re-enrollment triggers, they will not be reenrolled again.
  • Some filters cannot be used for re-enrollment. For example, contacts cannot be re-enrolled based on company or deal property criteria. Read more here.
  • When a contact is re-enrolled, they will always start the workflow at the beginning. They will complete all actions and receive any automated emails again. 
  • If you're using enrollment filters that can be refined by date, like form submissions and page views, the date restrictions set in the enrollment criteria will be mirrored in the re-enrollment panel, but those restrictions will not actually be applied. For example, if you have the enrollment trigger, "Contact has submitted any form between 1/1/2018 and 2/1/2018," you'll see that same filter appear as an option in the re-enrollment settings. However, the re-enrollment trigger will be "Contact has submitted any form" - it will not honor the time refinements.
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