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Customize record sidebars

Last updated: September 24, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans

If you have account access, you can customize the sections that appear in the left sidebar on records.

Changes made to the default record sidebars will apply to all users in your HubSpot account. If you have an Enterprise account, you can create personalized team views to display a different set of sections in the record sidebar for specific teams.

Please note:

  • Because each user can customize their own view of the About section, they may have a different order and a larger number of properties in their own About section. Removing properties in the default About section will not remove the properties that were already previously set to appear for a specific user.
  • Currently, you cannot customize the record sidebar for custom objects.

Customize record sidebars for all users

  • To view a preview of an existing record sidebar, click the name of the sidebar.
  • To edit an existing record sidebar, hover over the name of the sidebar, click the Actions dropdown menu and select Edit.

  • In the editor, edit the record sidebar.

Please note:

  • CMS Hub, Starter and CRM Free subscriptions will only have access to the default About section in the record sidebar.
  • Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise subscriptions can add, remove, and rearrange new sections to the record sidebar.
  • Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub Enterprise subscriptions can personalize record sidebars for specific teams.

Customize properties in a section

  • Click a section to select and expand it so you can customize the properties further.
    • To rearrange a property, click and drag the handle of a property to a new position.
    • To remove a property from a section, click X to the right of the property. This may not remove the property from a user's view of the same section because each user can customize their own view of that section.
  • In the left panel, you can customize the selected section further:
    • To add a property, search or browse for the property and select the checkbox next to it.
    • To update the card's name, in the Section editor tab, enter a new section name. This will appear as the section header in the sidebar of the record. You cannot change the About section's name.

Customize the sections in the record sidebar

  • Users in Professional or Enterprise accounts can add, remove, and rearrange sections in the record sidebar.
    • To add a new section to records, click Add section in the right panel.
    • To add a previously created card with set properties, click the Saved sections tab in the left panel, and select the checkbox next to the card.

    • To rearrange a section, in the right panel, click the blue edge on the section to drag it to a new position.

    • To remove a section, click the section, then click X. The About section cannot be removed.
    • If you have an Enterprise account, you can make a section in the record appear only if the record has a set value for a specific property:
      • In the left panel, select the Make this section conditional checkbox.
      • Click the Property dropdown menu and select the property that will trigger when the section appears. Only certain properties are available for making conditional sections:
        • Contacts: Lifecycle stage and Lead status.
        • Companies: Lifecycle stage and Industry.
        • Deals: Deal stage and Deal pipeline.
        • Tickets: Ticket status and Ticket pipeline.
      • Click the Value dropdown menu and select values to trigger the section to appear in the record's left sidebar.

Take your changes live to the record sidebars

  • In the upper right, click Save. In the dialog box, click Publish to take the changes live.

Personalize record sidebars for specific teams

Please note: this feature is only available for Marketing Hub Enterprise, Sales Hub Enterprise, and Service Hub Enterprise.

Customizing records views by team will update the record view for only the primary members of that team.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to CRM > Properties.
  • Click the Records customization tab.
  • In the upper right, click Create team view.
  • In the left panel, click the object type you want to customize for. In the right panel, preview where this section will be located in a record.
  • In the upper right, click Next.

  • At the top, click the name or the pencil icon edit to update the name for the team view. This allows you to easily recognize and edit this team view.
  • Below the team view's name, click the dropdown menu and select the teams that will be shown this set of sections in the record sidebars they view.
  • You can then continue to create and edit the section for this specific team view.
  • Once ready, click Save in the upper right to take the team view live. The team will then see this set of sections in the record sidebar instead of the default sidebar.

Customize your custom object section that appears in other records

If you have access to custom objects and defined a custom object, you may be able to associate the custom object records to other records, such as contacts.

When your custom object is associated to another record, it appears in the right panel of that record's view with certain properties.

To customize the properties that show in this section:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to CRM > Properties.
  • Click the Records customization tab.
  • Locate and click your custom object's name.
  • In the right panel, under the Secondary properties section, click the dropdown menus and select the properties you want displayed.
  • Click Save. These properties will be displayed in the custom object record section in associated records.