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Last updated: May 29, 2018

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To learn how to connect HubSpot and GoToWebinar, sync your webinar data, and begin segmenting registrants in HubSpot, check out the resource on using the GoToWebinar integration with HubSpot. Below you'll find additional answers and general information about the GoToWebinar integration with HubSpot. 

How long does it take for a contact who filled out my webinar registration in HubSpot to be enrolled in GoToWebinar?

HubSpot and GoToWebinar sync with each other every 15 minutes on average when a webinar is turned on. When a contact enrolls in a webinar through the HubSpot/GoToWebinar integration form, it will generally take five minutes for the contact to appear in GoToWebinar.

Why do my GoToWebinar registrants and HubSpot registration lists not match?

There are two reasons why you may see a discrepancy between the lists of registrants for your webinar in HubSpot and GoToWebinar:

  1. HubSpot does not process un-enrollments from webinars. Once a contact is marked as registered in HubSpot, they will not be marked as unregistered even if they cancel their registration. HubSpot treats these contacts the same as those who registered but did not attend a webinar. GoToWebinar, however, removes registrants who cancel from its lists.
  2. If a GoToWebinar registrant that becomes a HubSpot contact is later deleted in HubSpot, the number of registrants shown in HubSpot will decrease. However, the number in GoToWebinar will remain unchanged.

Can I limit the number of registrants to my webinar?

In most cases, GoToWebinar has a registration limit of 250 or 500 contacts. If you are using HubSpot to collect registrations, there is no way to limit the number of contacts who can fill out the form. However, you can segment contacts who are receiving the registration link to monitor the number of submissions. You can also segment contacts who have filled out the form but have not been registered for the webinar (GoToWebinar will stop registering submissions once the limit is reached). You can then use this reach out to those individuals, informing them that they webinar is full.

What properties can sync to GoToWebinar?

In order for the GoToWebinar integration with HubSpot to successfully register a contact for a webinar in your GoToWebinar account, you must capture the following information from the user when they submit on your HubSpot form:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

The following fields will also sync to GoToWebinar if they appear on the form:

  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Industry
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Number of Employees

Webinar registrants who are already contacts in HubSpot, but do not use a HubSpot form to register will still be updated with values for any of the properties above that are included in their submission. Webinar registrants who are not already contacts in HubSpot, and do not use a HubSpot form to register will be created in HubSpot as a new contact with first name, last name, and email address; no additional information will be added to the new contact record.

When webinar data is collected and synced to HubSpot, it will appear on your contacts' timelines. You can see when your contact registers for a webinar, attends a webinar, how long their session time was, and any Question and Answer that happened during the webinar.

Please note: GoToWebinar registration status will not be indicated as a contact property. You can, however, segment contacts by registration and attendance.

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