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Manage scheduling pages

Last updated: May 16, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

After you create your scheduling pages, you can filter, edit delete, and clone them. If you're a Super admin, you can also transfer ownership of scheduling pages.

Filter, edit, delete, and clone scheduling pages

You can edit or clone your existing scheduling pages if you need to change your availability or make other changes to the scheduling experience. 
  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Meetings.
  • If you're a user wishing to view another user's scheduling page or you're a super admin editing a scheduling page for another user, click the Owner dropdown menu and select another user. All users can view another user's scheduling page to share meeting links but only super admin can edit scheduling pages for other users.


  • To filter meeting scheduling pages:
    • Click the Meeting type dropdown menu to filter by One-on-oneGroup, or Round Robin meeting types.
    • Click the Business unit dropdown menu to filter scheduling pages by business unit (Enterprise Business Units Add-On only).
    • Click Clear filters to show all meeting types and business units.
  • To edit a scheduling page:
    • Hover over a meeting name and click Edit.
    • In the left sidebar menu, navigate the tabs to make changes to your scheduling page:
      • Overview: edit the scheduling page's basic information, including the title, location, and meeting description.
      • Scheduling: edit your availability and form questions.
      • Automation: edit the reminder emails and experience after a meeting is booked.

Please note: you cannot change the meeting Organizer after the scheduling page is created. If you want to assign a scheduling page to a new owner, you need to transfer ownership.

    • Click Save.
  • To delete a scheduling page from the Meetings navigation menu:
    • Hover over a meeting, select the Actions dropdown menu, and click Delete.
    • Click Yes, delete to confirm.
    Learn how to turn off all of your scheduling pages without permanently deleting them.

Please note: you cannot delete your default scheduling page. First, you must select a different default scheduling page in your settings.

  • To clone a scheduling page from the Meetings navigation menu: 
    • Hover over a meeting, select the Actions dropdown menu, then click Clone
  • To clone a scheduling page from the scheduling page editor:
    • Hover over a meeting, and select Edit.
    • At the top of the scheduling editor, select the Actions dropdown menu, then click Clone
  • In the Clone scheduling pages dialog box, fill in the Internal nameOrganizer, and Scheduling page link for the new scheduling page.
  • Click Save.

Please note: you can only clone one-to-one scheduling pages. Group and round robin scheduling pages, as well as meetings with a payment, cannot be cloned.

Transfer ownership of a scheduling page

There may be instances when a team member is out office, moves to a different team, or leaves the company. If you're a user with Super admin permissions, you can transfer their scheduling page to another owner so contacts can still book time with someone on your team. The new owner must have a connected calendar and an assigned Sales Hub or Service Hub paid seat.

Please note: if you remove a user from your account, any scheduling pages where they're assigned as the organizer will be deleted. You should transfer ownership before removing the user from your account.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Meetings.
  • Select the checkboxes next to the meetings to transfer.
  • At the top of the table, click Transfer ownership.


  • In the dialog box, click the Owner dropdown menu and select a new owner.
  • Click Transfer.

The original scheduling page owner will no longer have access to the scheduling page once it is transferred.

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