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Schedule a meeting with a contact in a record

Last updated: January 18, 2023

Applies to:

All products and plans

Once you've integrated your Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar, you can schedule meetings with contacts from contact, company, deal, or ticket records and send a calendar invite to the meeting attendees. You can also add users as meeting attendees.

This article applies to users who are using the Google Calendar or Office 365 integration with HubSpot. If you connected your calendar to the meetings tool, learn more about creating and editing scheduling pages

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to your contacts, companies, deals, or tickets.
  • Click the name of the record.
  • In the left panel, click meetings Schedule a meeting. A pop-up box of your connected calendar will appear. To set up your meeting:
    • Click the Duration dropdown menu to set the length of your meeting.
    • Click the desired time on your calendar. 
    • Enter a title for your meeting.
    • Click the Meeting type dropdown menu to select the meeting type. This setting is available only if you have enabled customized call and meeting types.
    • Click the Attendees dropdown menu to search and select other contacts and users who should be included in the meeting.
    • Click the Location dropdown menu and select one of the following options for the meeting location. 
      • Phone call: Write the phone number in the text field.
      • In-person: Write the address in the text field.
      • Video conferencing: Connect a video conferencing app such as Zoom, Google Meet, or UberConference. A link will be autogenerated upon the creation of the meeting. Learn more about using HubSpot's integrations with Zoom, Google Meet, or UberConference. If you're a developer or have a developer on your team, learn how to use the Video Conference Extension API.
      • Custom: Write customized location details in the text field.
    • In the Attendee description section, enter details about the meeting. The meeting attendees will see this information in the calendar invite.
      • Use the formatting options at the bottom of the Attendee description section to modify the text, insert a link, attach a file, or use a snippet.

Please note: to add a Zoom, Google Meet, or UberConference link to your meeting, your HubSpot user email address must match your Zoom, Google Meet, or UberConference user email address.

    • Click + Add Internal Note to open the Team notes text box. In the Team notes text box, enter any internal notes for your team members to review. The meeting contact attendees will not see this information on their calendar invite. Use the formatting options at the bottom to modify the text, insert a link, attach a file, or use a snippet
    • Click the Associated with dropdown menu to search and select/clear the checkboxes next the records to associate with the meeting activity. 


  • Click Save.
      • The contact needs to have a valid email address populated in the Email property to receive an invitation.
      • Once the meeting is scheduled, your contact will receive an invitation with an .ics file which can be added to their calendar.
      • A meeting will automatically be created for you in your calendar.

Please note:

  • If you have not integrated with Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar, you will be prompted to do so when scheduling a meeting.


The meeting will save as an engagement on the record's timeline. After the meeting takes place, you can assign a meeting outcome to better track your meetings with contacts.

  • On the record, click the Actions dropdown menu on the meeting engagement and select Edit.


  • Click the Outcome dropdown menu and select a meeting outcome.


  • Click Save.
You can also click the collapse icon to schedule the meeting without viewing your calendar.


Please note: changes to meeting descriptions on the contact record will only be sent to attendees if you are using Google Calendar and have turned on the Google Calendar two-way integration with HubSpot. If you are using an Office 365 calendar or do not have the integration turned on, update the meeting description in the calendar event to send changes to the attendees, not in the contact record.

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