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Can't connect calendar to the meetings tool

Last updated: October 13, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans

If you've tried to connect your calendar to the meetings tool but are being redirected to your HubSpot Sales activity feed or receiving an error, ensure your permissions and MX records have been set up correctly for your email account.

Reasons why the connection to the meetings tool may be unsuccessful include: 

  1. Your email account doesn't have permission to connect to a third-party app like HubSpot Sales.
  2. If you're connecting an Office 365 account, your domain may not be fully set up (normally indicated by an email address that looks like
  3. Your calendar may not be hosted by G Suite or Office 365 (can be verified in your email domain's MX records).
  4. The inbox that your calendar is tied to has already been connected as a shared/team inbox in the conversations tool.

In cases 1 to 3, your IT administrator will need to take action to change the setup of your email account in order to allow you to connect your calendar to the meetings tool in HubSpot. In case 4, you may consider removing the connection as a shared inbox, or using another calendar instead of the calendar associated to your team inbox.

If you're able to connect your default personal calendar but don't see additional calendars to integrate in your meetings settings, ensure that you have access to other calendars in your email account or that you can create additional calendars in your email account.