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Manage registered partner leads with capacity manager

Last updated: June 28, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Partner Account

You can manage your registered partner leads in HubSpot with the capacity manager.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Partner > Capacity Manager.
  • The capacity manager will display all your current registered partner leads. You can use the search box to sort your leads by any of the following:
    • Domain
    • Company
    • Contact name
    • Country

  • To deregister a lead, select the checkbox to the left of a domain, or select all domains on the page by selecting the checkbox at the top-left of the domain table. Then, click Deregister.

  • In the dialog box, confirm the domain(s) you want to deregister, then click Yes, deregister.

What counts towards capacity?

Capacity is measured by the count of leads/prospects and their website domains that you have registered with HubSpot. You will receive sold MRR benefits and commission by selling HubSpot to prospects and domains you have successfully registered in your capacity.

How is capacity related to registration?

Upon successful registration, a lead/prospect's website is added to your capacity as a registered domain. The registered domain will not change even if the lead/prospect’s website value changes in your HubSpot account.

Why is it important to maintain my capacity?

Capacity limits will be strictly enforced once it is available in your HubSpot Partner account. This means you will be prevented from registering new leads/prospects with HubSpot if you have reached your capacity limit. You can maintain your capacity by deregistering leads/prospects in the capacity manager.

What is my registration capacity limit?

Your capacity limit correlates to your partner tier. Find out more about your registration capacity limit.

What happens when I deregister leads/prospects?

Deregistration of a lead/prospect will release it from your capacity and remove your eligibility for commission and sold MRR benefits if the lead/prospect purchases HubSpot under its registered domain.

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