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Create custom reports using smart chart (BETA)

Last updated: January 5, 2022

In Beta

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub Professional, Enterprise
Operations Hub Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise

If you're not sure how to start creating a custom report, use the smart chart feature to automatically arrange fields into a recommend chart type. With smart chart enabled, HubSpot automatically sets up the chart axes and type based on the fields you add. You can then turn off smart chart to continue customizing your report.

To use smart chart in the custom report builder:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports > Reports.
  • In the upper right, click Create custom report.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click Custom Report Builder
  • Select the data sources or dataset that you want to use for the report, then click Next in the upper right.
  • In the top-left of the Chart section of the report builder, select the smart chart feature. By default, the table chart will then be selected. With no fields added to the report, HubSpot will automatically grey out all chart types except for table and pivot table.

  • Add fields to the report. HubSpot will make chart types available based on the fields you're adding and will highlight recommended chart types in blue.

  • To automatically arrange your fields, select a chart type. HubSpot will automatically arrange fields into the recommended axes, as well as break your data down by one of the added fields depending on the chart type. With smart chart enabled, added fields will remain under a Columns header, rather than individual axes as in a standard custom report.
  • To configure the report further, click the smart chart feature to toggle it off. Fields in the Configure tab will then be categorized by the recommended axes, columns, or break down depending on the chart type.