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Understand SMS quiet hours

Last updated: June 13, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

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If you purchased the Marketing SMS Add-on and you're preparing to send an SMS message to your contacts, you should ensure that you're not sending messages during restricted periods, known as quiet hours (e.g., early in the morning or late at night).

SMS sending laws, regulations, and industry standards require that text messages shouldn't be sent before 8 AM or after 8 PM in the recipient's local time zone. Furthermore, a number of individual state laws impose stricter requirements that text messages can only be sent between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM in the recipient's local time zone.

To help you comply with SMS sending laws, regulations, and industry standards and avoid being blocked by mobile carriers, HubSpot will avoid sending your SMS messages during the quiet hours from 8 PM to 8 AM.

Quiet hour restrictions on SMS sending

By default, you can only send SMS messages from 8 AM to 7:59 PM in contacts' local timezones. This applies to individual SMS campaigns as well as sending an SMS message via a workflow. If you attempt to send or schedule a message outside of this period, HubSpot will defer sending your message until waking hours begin in the subscribers' timezone.

Review your SMS scheduling options

You can review whether your contacts will be affected by quiet hour sending restrictions as you configure your scheduling options for your SMS message:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing SMS.
  • Click the name of a drafted SMS message.
  • Click the Sending tab.
  • Under Sending method, a warning will appear if you've scheduled your message during a time that falls within the quiet hours of any of your recipients.
    • Applicable contacts will only receive the message when quiet hours of their respective time zones end.
    • If timezone information is not available for a recipient, HubSpot will opt for the default quiet hours window for recipients in the United States, which is 20:00 US/Eastern to 8:00 US/Pacific.
  • You can disable sending restrictions during quiet hours by toggling the Quiet hours switch off.

Please note:

  • Be aware that the penalties for violating SMS sending laws and regulations can be severe. Exercise caution when disabling quiet hours.
  • Existing workflows and SMS campaigns are not affected by quiet hours. To stay compliant you might want to consider checking manually if quiet hours should be active for these assets. HubSpot will not change existing workflows or SMS campaigns.



Necessary disclosure: please note that your legal counsel is the best resource to give you advice about your company's legal obligations. This page is provided for information purposes only and is not included as part of the HubSpot Customer Terms of Service. It is not intended to provide legal advice, and HubSpot encourages customers to consult with their own legal counsel to understand the legal obligations applicable to their business. The information here is subject to change.

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