How do I manually associate my contacts with companies?

Last updated: December 21, 2018


If the Automatically create and associate companies and contacts setting is enabled, HubSpot will attempt to match the contact email domain name with a company domain name to associate the two. However, you can also manually associate a contact with a company from either the contact record or the company record.

Please note: it is not possible to associate a single contact with multiple companies. When viewing a contact that is already associated with a company, the option to associate that contact with another company will not appear. Associating a contact with a company from the company's record will disassociate the contact from any previously selected companies.

From the contact record

  • Navigate to your contacts.
  • Click the name of the contact that you'd like to associate with a company.
  • Scroll down to the Contact's Company section.
  • Click Add a company.

  • Search for the company by name or domain name. If the company does not exist in your account, click the Create a company button to create a new company record.
  • Click Select next to the company to add it to the contact record as an associated company.

Please note: you cannot associate a contact with multiple companies.

From the company record

  • Navigate to your companies.
  • Click the name of the company with which you'd like to associate your contact.
  • Scroll down to the Contacts at [Company name] section of the record.
  • Click Add a contact.

  • Search for the contact by name or email address.
  • Check the box next to the contact(s) you'd like to add to this company. If the contact you're searching for does not exists, click Create a new contact.
  • Click Save.

Removing an associated company record

To associate a contact record with a new company, do not edit the existing company record, as this will change the company record and affect all other associated contacts. Instead, remove the company record and then associate a new one:

  • Navigate to the contact record in your HubSpot account.
  • From the associated company card on the left-hand side, click Actions > Remove associated company.
  • After the company record is removed, add the new record by clicking Add a company.

Alternatively, if you have the automatic company association setting enabled, remove the associated company from the contact record prior to updating the contact's email address. This way, the automatic association can correctly update the associated company. Please note that it won't update the associated company when the email address is changed if there's already an associated company.