How can I include foreign language characters in my import file?

Last updated: December 22, 2017


You can import contacts within HubSpot using a CSV file. If you'd like to import a file that includes foreign language characters, you'll want to confirm that your file is UTF-8 encoded.

In the case that you need to change the formatting of your file, please see the instructions below:


Method 1:
  • Open the Excel file.
  • Navigate to File > Save As
  • Name the file and select Unicode Text (*.txt) as the type, then click Save.
  • Open the file in Notepad. You will need to replace the tabs (space between each column) with commas.
  • Go to File > Save As. Name the file, and change Encoding to UTF-8. On the file name, change the extension from .txt to .csv. Click Save.
  • Review the icon on the file, as it should now be a MS Excel icon.
  • Open the newer CSV file in Excel and review the data only. Do not save the file in Excel as it will present an encoding issue once more. If any of the data is erroneous, follow the steps above again.
Method 2:
  • Open the CSV in Excel and click File > Save As.
  • Enter your preferred filename.
  • Click the dropdown menu beside Save as File Type and make sure CSV (comma-delimited) is selected.
  • Click the Tools button at the bottom of the window and choose Web Options.
  • Go to the Encoding tab.
  • Under Save this document as, click the dropdown menu and choose Unicode (UTF-8).

Please note: there may be times UTF-Encoding in Excel does not work as expected; therefore, the first method, using Excel and Notepad, is preferable.