How can I add multiple email addresses to a contact?

Last updated: November 29, 2017


Contacts in your HubSpot contacts database can have multiple email addresses in their Email contact property. With multiple email addresses, you can: 

  • De-dupe contacts based on additional email addresses: if you have a contact who has two email addresses, you can add both email addresses to the contact's Email property. The next time you include either of the addresses in an import, HubSpot will de-dupe against both. No new contact will be created, and any updated properties will be reflected on the single HubSpot contact. 
  • Send one-to-one emails to any associated email addresses: from a contact record in the CRM, you can select which email address to send the email to. Read more about sending email from the CRM here.
  • Log emails automatically to the same contact record from your inbox: if you have a contact in your HubSpot contacts database with multiple email addresses in their Email property, the next time you log an email to either address from your inbox, the email will be attached to the same HubSpot contact. No new records will be created for the other email addresses.  

How can I add additional email addresses to a contact record?

The instructions below walk through adding additional email addresses to a contact record:

  • Navigate to Contacts
    • In your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts
    • In your HubSpot Sales account, navigate to Contacts
  • Click on the name of a contact.  
  • In the contact's About section on the left-hand side, click View > View all properties.   

  • In the All properties menu that appears on the right, search for Email. Hover over the Email property and click the pencil icon.  
  • In the box that appears, select + Add email address. Type in the additional email address and click Save.   

  • You can click + Add email address again to continue adding more email addresses for the contact.    

What is the significance of a contact's primary email address?

One email address will be designated as the contact's primary email address, labelled as Primary. The contact's other email addresses will be secondary. 

Please note the following functionalities of the primary email: 

  • Marketing emails sent in bulk from Content > Email (Marketing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise users only) will always be sent to the contact's primary email address.
  • You can change which email is primary by hovering over the Email property in the All properties sidebar menu. Then hover over the email address that you wish to make primary and select Actions > Make primary. You can also delete an email address in this same location by selecting Actions > Delete

  • Email bounces and unsubscribes are associated with an email address, not a contact. In other words, if a contact’s primary email address hard bounces, it will be ineligible to receive emails in the future, but the other email addresses associated with the contact will remain eligible to receive emails.
  • List segmentation will continue to be based on the primary email address. For example, if you create a list for Email contains ksnow, and was the secondary email address for your contact, that contact would not appear in your list.
  • The search feature in your Contacts screen will also use the primary email address and won’t find contacts based on secondary email addresses. Read more about searching for contacts here.
  • Salesforce-connected accounts will only sync with the primary email address. If you have two records in Salesforce with two email addresses and both of those email addresses are on the same HubSpot record, the Salesforce record matching the primary email address in HubSpot will sync, and the record matching the secondary email address will not sync. 

Please note: at this time, it is not possible to import multiple email addresses into the email field.