Is my Salesforce connector set up properly?

Last updated: November 1, 2017

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Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

If you just finished setting up your connector and are curious if everything was done properly, consider checking the following:

  • Test a lead to make sure a contact created in HubSpot syncs to Salesforce.
    • Navigate to an individual contact's profile by going to Contacts > All Contacts and clicking into a contact. Once in the profile, scroll down the page until you see Salesforce Sync from the left-hand sidebar, and select Resync.
      • Keep in mind that without an inclusion list, contacts with a Lifecycle Stage of Subscriber will not sync with Salesforce.
    • You will want to give the sync a few minutes and then refresh your contact profile. You can check to see if your contact synced to Salesforce either by checking for the contact within your Salesforce account or by checking the HubSpot contact overview or Property History to see if Salesforce passed information back to HubSpot.
      • HubSpot also has a property Last Salesforce Sync Time that will tell you the last time your contact has synced with Salesforce.
  • Make sure your Salesforce credentials are valid by navigating to the Account Menu, and clicking on Integrations. Under Salesforce click on Settings. Verify that your credentials are valid by looking for the green "valid" icon.

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