How do I automate tasks on deal stages? 

Last updated: May 11, 2018

Applies to:

Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

In the HubSpot CRM, your team most likely has a standardized process once deals enter your sales pipelines. For example, you might have certain steps that are always taken when a demo or proposal is requested. You might want to use tasks to help your sales reps follow this process.

While you can create tasks automatically in workflows, you can also automatically create tasks directly on deals when creating or editing a sales pipeline. This makes it clear exactly which deals your tasks are related to. 

Please note: to automate tasks on deal stages, you need to either be a Super Admin in your HubSpot account or have admin access in your Sales Hub Professional account.

Follow the steps below to automate tasks on deal stages: 

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar. Then click Sales > Deals in the left sidebar menu. 
  • Hover over an existing sales pipeline and click Edit or click + Add another pipeline to create a new sales pipeline. 


Click the Automation tab. You'll see columns correlating with the deal stages in your sales pipeline.  

  • Click + Create a task in the deal stage you wish to automate a task for.  


  • In the sidebar editor, customize the details of the task: 
    1. Title: give the task a title. If you wish to add a deal token to the title, click the Deal token dropdown menu. 
    2. Due date: click the Immediately radio button or click At a set date to specify a date and time for the task's deadline.
    3. Email reminder: if you wish to send an email reminder to the task's assignee, click At a set date to specify a date and time for the email send. 
    4. Notes: enter a quick description of what the task entails.  
    5. Type: choose the task's type from the dropdown menu: Email, Call, or To-do
    6. Assign task to: click the Deal's existing radio button and then select Deal owner or a custom HubSpot user property from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, click the Specify a HubSpot owner radio button to instead choose any HubSpot owner in your account. 
  • Click Save when you're done.

create a task when deal is scheduleAfter adding the task to a deal stage, any deal that moves to that stage will automatically get the task created.  

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