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Associate activities with records

Last updated: June 29, 2021

Applies to:

All products and plans

Activities in a record's timeline can be associated to other records, including contact, company, deal, ticket, and custom object records. When an activity is associated to a record, the activity will appear in that record's timeline.

Learn how to associate records with each other and how to customize your email associations when logging them.

Automatic activity association

HubSpot will automatically associate certain activities in a record to the record's associated objectsWhether an activity automatically associates depends on the type of activity and which object the activity originates in.

In the following table, a checkmark indicates that the activity will automatically associate to associated records of that object. For example, a note logged on a contact record will automatically associate to the contact record's associated company, but not to the contact record's associated tickets.

Object of origin Associated object  
  Contact Company


Ticket Custom object  
  Logged calls, emails, meetings, and notes  
Contact n/a      
Company   n/a      
Deal   n/a    
Ticket     n/a  
Custom object            
Contact n/a      
Company   n/a      
Deal   n/a      
Ticket     n/a    
Custom object            
*This applies only to the five most recent associated open deals. Open deals are deals that are not in closed-won or closed-lost deal stages

There are a few exceptions to the above:

  • Emails sent and calls made from any object record will also be associated to the relevant contacts that were being emailed or called.
  • Calls made using the HubSpot mobile app will only log to the contact record that you're calling from. The call will not be associated to any of the contact's associated records. 
  • For 1:1 emails, an automatic association will apply only for contacts included in the first email in a thread. Any additional replies in an email thread will be associated only with the same records as the first email.
  • If a contact record was previously associated to another company, the contact's past activities will not automatically be associated to the new associated company. The past activities will remain associated to the previous company record.
  • Tasks created from sequences on contact records will not be added to the record's associated company.  

Associate an existing activity to another record

If your activities are not automatically associated to certain records, you can manually associate activities to other records.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to your records.
  • Click the name of the record with the activity to associate.
  • Locate the activity you'd like to associate to a record. If the activity details are collapsed, click the right right arrow in the top left of the activity to expand it.

  • In the bottom right of the activity, click [x] associations.


  • In the Search all records field, enter the name of the record to associate this activity to. Select the checkbox next to the record. This activity will appear in that record's timeline. You can also disassociate an activity by deselecting the checkbox.

Associate multiple activities to a new deal or ticket

  • In the upper right, click Create deal or Create ticket.
  • In the right panel, Associate deal/ticket with section, click the Company or Contact dropdown menus, then search and select the company or contact to associate with the new object.
  • To associate activities on these records to the new object, select the Add timeline activity from [existing record] to this deal/ticket checkbox. Click the Last 30 days dropdown menu to select the time-frame where the record's past activities will be associated to the new object.

  • Enter the other fields and click Create. The resulting object will include the activities from associated records based on the timeframe selected.