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Select properties to show on records in board view

Last updated: August 1, 2022

Applies to:

All products and plans

You can customize the properties that appear on pipeline cards when viewing deals, tickets, or custom object records (Enterprise only) in board view. Once added, the properties and a record's value for each property will appear on the cards. If a record doesn't have a value for a selected property, the property will not appear on the card for that record.

Users must have Account and Edit property settings permissions to customize the pipeline board cards.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings settings icon in the main navigation bar.

  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Objects, then select Deals, Tickets, or Custom objects.

  • Click the Record customization tab.

  • Click Choose [deal/ticket/custom object] properties shown in board view.

  • In the right panel, you can preview how the card will appear in the board view. The primary display property for each object (e.g., Deal Name, Ticket Name) will appear by default and cannot be changed. 

  • To replace a property on the card, click the dropdown menu, then select a property.
  • To add a property, click Add property, then click the dropdown menu and select the property you want to add.
  • To remove a property from the card, click the delete delete icon next to the property.
  • To rearrange the order of the properties, click and drag the properties to the desired location.


  • Click Save.

Learn more about additional ways to edit the appearance of cards in board view. For additional record customization, learn how to set up default properties sidebars and customize the properties shown on association cards.

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