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Sales email send limits

Last updated: February 12, 2020

If one of your sales emails fails with an error message on the contact timeline reading,This email wasn’t sent because you’ve hit your send limit, this indicates that you've reached the daily send limit when sending sales emails from your HubSpot account. This includes emails that are sent as part of sequence or one-to-one emails sent from a contact record.

HubSpot's send limit is different from the sequence enrollment limit. However, you could still hit your HubSpot send limit even if you're within the enrollment limit. Learn how you can prevent hitting your send limit when enrolling contacts in a sequence.

Terms to know

Term Definition
Rate limit Total amount of emails allowed to be sent from a connected email on any given day.
Enrollment limit Amount of times a user can enroll a contact into a sequence on any given day. 
Sequence send limits Amount of sequence emails that can be sent on any given day.

HubSpot send limits

HubSpot imposes a send limit so you don't exceed your email provider's rate limit on the number of emails you're allowed to send. HubSpot send limits vary based on email provider type:

  • Gmail Free: 350 emails per day
  • Google Apps: 1000 emails per day
  • Office 365: 1000 emails per day
  • Exchange inbox: 1000 emails per day
  • Generic inbox: 1000 emails per day

These send limits are based on the provider's rate limits. Limits for inboxes connected with Exchange or IMAP vary depending on your mail client, but you can learn more about rate limits for Gmail and Office 365 in their help documentation: Gmail's email sending limits and Office 365's receiving and sending limits

Sequence send limits

When enrolling contacts in sequences, if you reach 90% of your HubSpot send limit, you have reached your sequence send limit and will not be able to send a sequence email until you update the date of the email send. You could reach a sequence send limit if multiple sequence emails are scheduled to send on the same day, even if you're still within your sequence enrollment limit.

Given that the sequence send limit is 90% of your HubSpot send limit, the sequence send limit for specific email providers are:

  • Gmail Free: 315 emails per day
  • Google Apps: 900 emails per day
  • Office 365: 900 emails per day
  • Exchange inbox: 900 emails per day
  • Generic inbox: 900 emails per day

If you see an alert indicating that an email is scheduled to send on a day when the sequence send limit will be reached, edit the date and send time for that email. Click the dropdown menus and schedule the email for another day. This ensures that the sequence email is successfully sent and the contact is not unenrolled from the sequence.

Please note: your contacts could also unenroll from a sequence if you reach HubSpot's send limit due when you're sending a high number of one-to-one emails in addition to your scheduled sequence emails. If this happens, you should re-enroll them at the following step.