How to delete a list of contacts

Last updated: January 13, 2017

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
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When it comes to deleting lists in HubSpot, you have the two following options: Delete list and Delete all contacts.  

Deleting a list (Actions > Delete list) simply removes the list from your Lists page, essentially deleting the criteria that you specified or the grouping of contacts that was created on import.  No contacts are removed from your database.

To delete the contacts themselves, select all contact within a list, and click on Delete to remove all contacts on that list and permanently from your contacts database. The deleted contacts will not be counted anymore towards your total number of billable contacts, because they will no longer exist in your account. Please check out the article Why shouldn't I delete contacts from HubSpot? before deleting your contacts to see all of the implications associated with deleting contacts.

As a side note, please be aware the COS Blog's default Subscriptions lists cannot be deleted from your HubSpot Portal.

1. Make a list of contacts to delete

To delete a segment of your contacts, create a list of such contacts. To learn how to make a static or smart list, click here

Some examples of a type of list that would be useful to delete are:

  • An old list of contacts from a trade show in which you since have an updated version
  • A list of employees who no longer work at your company
  • A list of contacts who are no longer customers

2. Click on the list that you want to delete

Navigate to Contacts > Lists, then select the list you'd like to delete by clicking on the name of the list.

HubSpot Help article screenshot

3. Delete your list

On the top left-hand side, click Actions > Delete list. This will delete your list but not the contacts in the list, so the contacts will remain in your HubSpot contact database.

HubSpot Help article screenshot

4. Delete contacts in your list

To delete contacts within the list without deleting the list itself, check the boxes next to each contact (or the checkbox at the top to select all contacts) then choose Delete at the top. This will delete the contacts from your list as well as from your HubSpot contact database. 

HubSpot Help article screenshot
To delete all contacts in a List that is greater than 25 contacts, click the select all button from the top of the List tool. This will select all the contacts in your List, and you can then hit Delete.

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