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Use the prospecting workspace

Last updated: February 12, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise

With the prospecting workspace, users with an assigned Sales Hub seat can efficiently manage their daily workload in HubSpot from one place. Below, learn how to use the prospecting workspace to review your goals and progress, execute your tasks, and review your schedule and sales feed.

Please note: this feature is not available to users with Sales Hub legacy seats.

To use the prospecting workspace, in your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Prospecting.

Review your prospecting activity

The Summary tab provides a holistic overview of all of your prospecting activity, from your upcoming and overdue tasks, to your meetings schedule and sequence tasks. 

On the Summary tab you can review:

  • Your task progress: all of your tasks organized by type. Click the Due today dropdown menu to view all tasks that are Due today or Overdue.


  • Tasks: tasks categorized by due today, overdue, and due tomorrow. Click the type to see a list of tasks. Click a task to see the details and a preview of the associated record on the right. Click Start all [X] tasks due today to view all tasks at once. In this view, you can complete each task by clicking the checkmark next to the task. In the top left, use the dropdown menu to change the view or view all tasks at once.


  • Schedule: a calendar of your meetings, calls, and tasks for today. To view the details of a meeting, including virtual meeting links, click the event. To view your full schedule, click the Schedule tab at the top of the page.


  • Sequences: all task reminders in your active sequences. Click the step name to review the details of the task and a preview of the associated contact record. Complete a task by clicking the checkmark next to the task. In the top left, use the sequence title and sequence step dropdown menus to change the sequence or sequence step. To see all tasks at once, select All task steps.


  • Suggested activities: automatically generated suggestions based on specific criteria to help you better organize your day and improve efficiency. Suggested activities are only created if all of the creation criteria are met. Suggested activities will expire if any of the expiration conditions are met.

Activity title Creation criteria Expiration conditions
New contacts

Created for any contact if:

  • the Lifecycle stage is not Customer or Evangelist (or whatever the first lifecycle stage is if your lifecycle stages have been customized).
  • the contact is not associated to a deal.
  • you haven't sent the contact a tracked email.
  • the contact hasn't sent you an email.
  • Any of the creation criteria is no longer met.
  • The activity has existed for 30 days.
Email replies

Created for any contact if: 

  • the contact is assigned to you.
  • the contact has replied to an email you sent.
  • You sent an email to the contact after the activity was created.
  • The contact is no longer assigned to you.
  • The activity has existed for 14 days.
Meeting needs outcome

*Created for any meeting if: 

  • the meeting is assigned to you.
  • one hour has passed since the Meeting end time.
  • the Meeting end time was less than seven days ago
  • the Meeting outcome is not set or is set to Scheduled.
It's been seven days since the Meeting end time
Call needs outcome

*Created for any call if:

  • the call is assigned to you.
  • one hour has passed since the time the call was created.
  • the call was made using HubSpot calling and the Call status is Completed, or if the call wasn't made using HubSpot calling, the call status is Completed or blank.
  • the Call outcome is blank.
  • It's been seven days since the call was made.
  • The Call outcome is not blank.

*The suggested activity will be associated with the same contact and company that the primary activity or object (meeting, call, or contact) is associated with. Once the activity is created, any changes to the activity or object's associated contact or company will not be reflected in the suggested activity.

  • Leads: new, attempting, connected, and recently engaged leads. Click Follow up with leads to view the list of contacts and take action. 


Review your schedule

The Schedule tab is a read-only view of your connected calendar events and all tasks. This tab will help you plan your workload. For example, if you’re going to be out of the office for a week, but you have tasks or meetings scheduled that week, you will be able to see the conflicts on the Calendar tab.

  • To review all contacts you are meeting with today, click Contacts with meetings today. To view the contact record, click the contact’s name.

  • To change the view, in the top left, click the Day dropdown menu to select Day, Week, or Month.

  • To view your tasks for the selected time period, select [X] tasks due.

  • To view the full details of a meeting including virtual meeting links, click the event.

  • To select a meeting outcome, click Update Outcome next to your meeting.


Review your activity feed

The Feed tab is a list of all of your sales activity notifications from the last year. Activities are grouped by contact and are unique to the user account you are signed into when viewing the feed. Target accounts are labeled in your feed.

To filter your activities by Activity type or Sequence enrollment, use the dropdown menus at the top of the table.


Learn more about viewing your activity feed and about managing leads in the prospecting workspace

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