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Create service reports with the service analytics tool

Last updated: June 28, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

Create reports in the service analytics tool to track your customer service team's success. For example, measure post-support survey scores, average ticket response time, and overall support volume.

View and save service reports

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports > Analytics Tools.
  • Click Service Analytics.
  • In the left sidebar menu, select a report. A preview of the report will appear in the middle panel. Learn more about the reports available in the Service Analytics tool.

  • In the middle panel, use the Totals and Over time tabs to switch between the combined data and data over time. 

  • To filter your data, use the dropdown menus in the Filters tab in the right panel. Available filters vary by report, but can include:
    • Date range by: filter support tickets by the selected date range. 
    • Group by: segments support tickets by the assigned user or team.
      • Select reps: select the users to group by.
      • Select teams: select the teams to group by.
    • Pipeline: filter tickets by ticket pipeline.
    • Source types: filter tickets by the original ticket source. For example, chat, email, form submission, or phone.


    • To add your own filters, click + Add filter, then select a filter.
  • To read more about a report, including how to use it, click the About this report tab in the right panel. 

  • To edit the report in the full report builder, click the Actions dropdown menu in the middle panel, then select Edit in builder.
  • To share the report you're working on with other users that have access to sales analytics, click the Actions dropdown menu in the middle panel, then select Copy report URL.

  • Once you've customized the report, save the report to your reports list or a dashboard by clicking Save report.

Types of service reports

Below are the reports available in the Service Analytics tool.

Customer Satisfaction

Team Performance

  • Average time to close ticket: the average time it takes to close support tickets. Measures the length of time between when a ticket is created and when its Ticket status is set to Closed.
  • Chat wait time: the average time that customers wait for responses over chat. Measures the length of time between when a customer starts a chat and when they receive an initial response.
  • Support volume: the total number of tickets by user in the selected time frame. Use this report to measure amount of tickets taken per support rep, and track support volume trends over time.

Please note: the time_in_(X) properties calculate the difference between when the object first entered that pipeline stage until the last moment they were in that pipeline stage, regardless of the status(es) in-between these two times.

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