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Troubleshoot issues connecting your Facebook page to the HubSpot Social tool

Last updated: March 10, 2022

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

When you try to connect a Facebook page to HubSpot, you may experience a connection issue where your page isn't available for selection. Learn how to resolve this issue by following the troubleshooting steps below.

If you're unable to connect your Instagram Business Account to HubSpot, check out this article: Can't connect Instagram Business Account to HubSpot.

Can't connect Facebook page to HubSpot

If you don't see a certain page appear when connecting your Facebook account to HubSpot, it usually means you're not an admin of the page, or you haven't authorized all the permissions required for the HubSpot Social integration. To ensure that you can connect your page to HubSpot, confirm all of the following settings below.

Facebook page admin access

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • In the upper right, click the dropdown arrow downCarat. Under My pages, locate the page you want to connect to HubSpot, or click See all to view a list of all your pages.
  • In the upper right, click Settings.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click Page roles.
  • Under the Existing Page Roles section, locate your Facebook user and confirm that you're listed as an Admin.


HubSpot integration permissions

  • Navigate to the business integration settings for your Facebook user.
  • In the HubSpot integration box, click View and edit.
  • In the dialog box, ensure all permissions are toggled on. If you have multiple Facebook pages, in the Create and manage content on your page and the Read content posted on the page sections, confirm the checkbox next to each page is selected. 
  • In the bottom right, click Save.

If the Facebook page still doesn't appear for selection to connect to HubSpot:

  • In your Facebook account, navigate back to Business Integrations.
  • In the HubSpot integration box, select the checkbox and click Remove.

  • In the dialog box, ensure the Also delete all posts, photos and videos on Facebook that HubSpot may have published on your behalf checkbox is not selected. Click Remove.
  • Navigate to your HubSpot account and reconnect your Facebook account.

Invalid Facebook account

If you attempt to login to Facebook with your company page, or if you connect with a Facebook user account that has credentials you've shared with your coworkers or teammates, you may not be able to use the HubSpot Social tool. Facebook has also referred to these shared logins as gray user accounts.

If you've previously connected a Facebook account affiliated with a company page or shared Facebook user account, you need to reconnect with a different Facebook user:

  • In Facebook, navigate to the business page you want to connect.
  • In the top right, click Settings, then click Page Roles in the left panel.
  • Confirm that at least one Facebook user has been added as a page role, and ensure that they are an admin. If no admins are present, add your Facebook user account, or add the Facebook user account of one of your colleagues.
  • The page admin you added to your page should then sign into their Facebook account. Then, in the same browser, the page admin should navigate to your HubSpot Social settings and connect the Facebook business page.
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