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Last updated: November 13, 2018

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Workflow settings can help you control your workflow's behavior. In a contact-based workflow, the workflow settings can help with:

  • Re-enrolling contacts
  • Executing workflow actions only on business days or in a certain time range
  • Removing enrolled contacts from other workflows
  • Preventing specific contacts from being enrolled in this workflow.

Access workflow settings

Each workflow has its own set of options. Access a workflow's settings by clicking Settings at the top of the screen while in the workflow.

Your workflow settings are split into two sections: General and Unenrollment and suppression.

General settings

The following settings are under the General section. 

  1. What days do you want actions to execute? 
  2. What time of day do you want these actions to execute? 
  3. Allow contacts to be enrolled in this workflow from Salesforce? 
  4. Campaigns associated with

What days do you want actions to execute?

By default, this option is set to 7 days a week. To execute workflow actions on business days only, then set this to Business days only (M -F).

If the workflow settings don’t allow execution on Saturday or Sunday, any actions scheduled during Saturday or Sunday will be rescheduled for the same time on the following Monday. Learn how business days work in a workflow.

What time of day do you want these actions to execute?

By default, Anytime during the day is selected. If you want your workflow actions to only execute during a specific time range, select Only execute between the hours of: and specify your time range.

This time is based on the timezone selected in your account settings. If a contact is scheduled to execute an action outside of the specified time range, when that originally scheduled time arrives, the workflow will reschedule the action to execute at the next time that time range is available.

For example:

  • The settings allow execution of actions only between 9am – 6pm.
  • A contact has an action that sends a follow-up email scheduled for 8pm.
  • However, because 8pm is not within the stated time, the email will be rescheduled for the following day between 9am and 6pm.

Allow contacts to be enrolled into this workflow from Salesforce?

Turn this on to allow contacts to be enrolled into the workflow from Salesforce. For this to work correctly:

  • The Salesforce lead/contact exists in HubSpot as a contact.
  • The HubSpot integration with Salesforce is correctly installed.
  • The Visualforce window is added to your lead and contact layouts in Salesforce.
You can learn more about using workflows with Salesforce in this article.

Campaigns associated with

If you're a Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise user, add your workflows to any of your campaigns. After saving, you’ll see your workflow(s) listed in your campaign.

To learn more about HubSpot campaigns, check out the Campaigns User Guide.  

Unenrollment and suppression settings

Click Unenrollment and suppression in the left sidebar menu to see the following settings:  

  1. When contacts enroll in this workflow 
  2. When a contact no longer meets the enrollment conditions, remove them from this workflow? 
  3. Suppression lists for this workflow
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When contacts enroll in this workflow

By default, Do not remove them from other workflows will be selected. Contacts will not be removed from other workflows, when they are enrolled in this specific workflow.

Select Remove them from all other workflows to remove enrolled contacts from all other workflows.

Select  Remove them from a specific workflow and click the Remove them from specific workflows dropdown menu to select the workflow(s) that you would like to remove contacts from when they enroll in the workflow that you are editing.

When a contact no longer meets the enrollment conditions, remove them from this workflow?

This workflow setting controls whether a contact will be removed if they fail to meet the enrollment criteria once they've been enrolled.

The No, keep them in this workflow option is selected by default. Select Yes, remove them from this workflow to remove contacts when they no longer meeting the starting enrollment criteria.

Suppression lists for this workflow

In the Suppression lists for this workflow dropdown menu, select a list of contacts that you don't want enrolled in the workflow.

If you edit this setting to include a suppression list after contacts have already been enrolled, then the contacts on the suppression list will be unenrolled before the next action executes.

Please note: only Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users can create suppression lists for workflows.

Enrollment trigger settings

Click on the Enrollment triggers box to view these settings:

1. Re-enrollment: By default, a contact is enrolled only when they meet your enrollment triggers for the first time, and not subsequently. To re-enroll contacts, in the right pane, click Change re-enrollment options and select Allow contacts who meet the trigger criteria to re-enroll when any one of the following occurs. Learn more about this here.

2. Enroll existing contacts: check the Enroll contacts who already meet this criteria box to enroll any contacts that have already met the trigger criteria at the point where the workflow is turned on. Click Calculate number of contacts to have an estimate of how many contacts that will be enrolled if the checkbox is selected.

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