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View and export account activity history in a centralized audit log

Last updated: February 2, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Marketing Hub Enterprise
Sales Hub Enterprise
Service Hub Enterprise
Operations Hub Enterprise
CMS Hub Enterprise

Super admins with an Enterprise subscription can use a centralized audit log with flexible filters and comprehensive data to troubleshoot issues and monitor user actions. You can also export reports if you need to share information with external third-parties, or further analysis is required. Learn about the different types of account activity below, and what an export includes.

If you use HubSpot's free tools, or have a Starter or Professional subscription, learn how you can view and export separate audit logs for user logins, employee access, security activity, or content activity.


Please note: if you are a super admin, you can opt-in to public betas by navigating to your account name in the top right corner, and clicking Product Updates. From the Product Updates page, under Early Access, click Betas. To opt-in to this beta, next to Centralized audit log of user actions, click Join beta

This centralized audit log includes data about creation, deletion, and updating of the following user actions:

    • Companies
    • Contacts
    • Custom Object Definition
    • Deals
    • Landing pages
    • Marketing campaign
    • Marketing events
    • Playbooks
    • Products
    • Quotes
    • Quote templates
    • Site page
    • Social channels
    • Social posts
    • Tasks
    • Tickets
  • Lists
  • Pipelines
  • Property
  • Security activity
  • Settings
    • Auto association of companies to contacts is turned on or off
    • AI Assistant settings for content prompts or customer analysis turned on or off
  • Workflows

To view, filter, and export a centralized log of account activity on your Audit Logs page:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left panel, under Data Management, click Audit Logs.
  • On the Audit Logs page, you can filter categories, subcategories, actions, and user modifications by clicking the dropdown menus next to each option. You can also filter within a date range.
  • Click any row in the table to view a side panel:
    • On the Details tab, you can view additional metadata. At the bottom of the panel, click View more information to view the part of the CRM where the user action occurred.
    • On the Comments tab, write a comment in the text box. To tag a colleague and send them a notification, type @ followed by their name.
      • Click Reply below the comment to start a comment thread. To leave a comment thread, click Back to all comments at the top of the panel.
      • Click the ellipses ellipses on your comment to edit, delete, or copy a link to your comment.
      • Click the success checkmark to resolve a comment.


      • To filter comments, click the Comments dropdown menu, and select Open commentsAll comments, or Resolved comments.


  • To export the entire audit log or an audit log based on the selected filters, click Export report. Then, click Export.
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