How to change the portal a HubSpot Sales account is connected to

Last updated: April 20, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Professional

For new users, HubSpot Sales and HubSpot CRM will be integrated right out of the box. You won't need to take any added steps to make this happen. If you are an existing user that has separate HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales accounts, then this article will walk through getting them connected.  

Connect HubSpot Sales with HubSpot CRM

In order to get HubSpot Sales connected with your HubSpot CRM, you will need to ensure that you are logged in to your CRM portal. You will then be able to connect your HubSpot Sales account to your CRM account. To do so:

  • Within HubSpot, in the top right corner of the page, select the Account Menu > See all accounts

  • Next, from the Account Dashboard determine which portal contains your CRM and which just has HubSpot Sales tools. You may need to log in to both to be sure.
  • Log in to your CRM portal

  • Once you are in your CRM portal, navigate to your profile by going to the Account Menu > Profile & Preferences

  • Scroll down to the section titled HubSpot Sales Sync and select the correct account from the dropdown.

Moving forward, actions taken with your HubSpot Sales tools will be logged in your CRM automatically.

Other Situations

These instructions will help most users that have two separate CRM and Sales portals, but there are some other possible edge cases.

If you have created a lot of HubSpot Sales templates, documents and sequences, or if the email address of your HubSpot user is different in both portals, please reach out to Support or the Community via the Help button in your portal for assistance.