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Understand your comment notification emails

Last updated: February 27, 2023

Applies to:

All products and plans

Use comments to collaborate with your team on different assets such as marketing emails, campaigns, and more. Review your comment notification emails to get an overview of comments added to assets you may be working on. 

Comment notification emails include information such as the associated asset, the date and time the comment was added, and any previous comments in the same thread. When reviewing your comment notification emails, please note the following:

  • To receive comment notification emails, ensure that your email notification settings have been toggled on. Learn more about managing your notification settings.
  • Generally, the author of the comment will not receive a comment notification email. Comment notification emails will be sent to the following users in these instances:
    • The owner of the asset will be notified whenever another user comments or replies to a comment thread on the asset. 
      • For HubSpot campaigns, this refers to the user assigned as the campaign owner.  
      • For other assets such as marketing emails, website pages, or workflows, this generally refers to the user that created the asset.   
    • Any users or teams @mentioned in a comment or comment reply will be notified. 
    • If a user replies in a thread, all users that have previously replied in the same thread will be notified. Users who have previously commented directly on the asset, and users replying to other comment threads will not be notified.

Please note: these detailed comment notification emails do not apply to comments added to CRM records, only other HubSpot assets. When a comment is added to a CRM record, a simple notification email will be sent to the record owner and any @mentioned users and teams instead.


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