Import data to checkbox properties

Last updated: October 18, 2019

Add values to a multiple checkboxes property in an import

To add or append value(s) to a multiple checkboxes property in an import, add a semicolon before the first value, and then, between each additional value (;value 2;value 3; value 4) in your import file.

For example, if you have a Product property and a contact already has a value lawn mowers for it, you can import additional values to the property for that contact by including the following in the Product column of your CSV for that contact:

;lawn mowers;hedgers;clippers


Add values to a single on/off checkbox field in an import

In the import file, create a column for the single checkbox field and set the value on each line to:

  • True or Yes, to display as Yes or checked in HubSpot; or
  • False or No, to display as No or not checked in HubSpot.