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Manage the Customer Success Workspace (BETA)

Last updated: April 25, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Service Hub   Professional , Enterprise

Users with the Customer Success workspace permission can use the Customer Success workspace to help Customer Success Managers (CSMs) stay organized. You can see reminders for your daily tasks, create custom views, and monitor activities from your key accounts.

Please note: if you're a Super Admin, learn how to opt your account into the beta.

Navigate to your Customer Success workspace

To view the Customer Success workspace:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Workspaces > Customer Success.
  • In the dialog box, configure your general workspace settings:
    • If your account has an Enterprise subscription and you have custom objects created, you'll see a dropdown menu to select the object you use to represent your accounts. Click the dropdown menu to select Companies or Custom Objects


    • Click the dropdown menu to select the property you use to represent CSM assignment.
    • You can optionally pick a date property you use to represent your customer renewal date. 

    • Click Save. To edit the properties selected, click the settings settings icon in the top right of the Customer Success workspace. 

  • The Customer Success workspace will appear. In the following sections, learn more about each tab.


On the Summary tab, you can view your daily task progress, portfolio, schedule, and reporting metrics.

  • Task progress: allows you to track your daily task progress. Click the Due today dropdown menu to switch between how many tasks you have left for the day and how many tasks are overdue. 
  • Portfolio: allows you to view the records you own if you selected the Company owner property during your Customer Success workspace setup. To edit the properties selected, click the settings settings icon in the top right. To view the records you own or records that you were recently assigned, click View [records] to be taken to the Portfolio tab
  • Tasks: allows you to view tasks due today, overdue tasks, and tasks due tomorrow. Click any of the View all links to be taken to a Tasks index page that is filtered for either tasks due today, overdue tasks, or tasks due tomorrow.
  • Schedule: allows you to view your schedule for today. On the calendar, click a task or meeting to see a summary of that item, and if applicable, click Launch meeting to begin the meeting.



On the Portfolio tab, you can view records you own, records assigned within the last 30 days, or custom views.

  • Owned by me: allows you to view records owned by you. Click the Create date and Last activity date filters to refine your results.
  • Assigned in the last 30 days: allows you to view records assigned to you in the last 30 days. Click the Create date and Last activity date filters to refine your results.


  • Custom view: allows you to customize the type of data that appears in your portfolio.
      • In the left sidebar menu, click + Create view
      • In the right panel, type the name of your custom view. Under Share with, select PrivateTeam, or Everyone. Click Next.

    Please note: users must have the the Customer Success workspace permission to create custom views with the Team or Everyone sharing option.

    • Click the dropdown menus or click + Add property to select the properties that will appear as columns in your custom view table. Click and drag the properties to customize the column order. Click Next.
    • Click + Add filter or + Edit filter to filter your records further. Click Save.
    • Custom views will appear in the left sidebar menu. Click the down arrow to collapse the view.



On the Pipeline tab, you can view records in different stages of a pipeline.

  • Click the pipeline dropdown menus to switch between Deal pipelines and Ticket pipelines
  • Use the Deal ownerCreate date, and Last Activity Date filters to further refine your results.
  • In the Pipeline table, click the different deal or ticket records to be taken to that record page.



On the Schedule tab, you can access your records by clicking on different calendar events.

  • In the left sidebar menu, you can see which contacts you have meetings with today. Click Playbooks to expand the section, and access recently used playbooks. Under Key, click the checkboxes to filter which meetings and tasks you see in your calendar.


  • To switch calendar views between dayweek, or month, on the top left, click the dropdown menu, and select your preferred view.


  • Click the arrows on the top right to navigate between days, weeks, or months. Use the timezone dropdown menu to switch timezones. To hide weekends from your weekly or monthly view, click the Hide weekends checkbox. 


  • On the calendar, click a task or meeting to see a summary of that item, and if applicable, click Launch meeting to begin the meeting.



On the Feed tab, you can view your recent sales activity notifications. This will show any activity taken by a contact associated with a company owned by the user viewing the workspace. 

  • You can search for activities, or use the Activity type and Sequence enrollment filters to refine your feed.
  • Within each sales activity notification, you can navigate to different contact records and tools within your account by clicking the contact name or tool name. To see more notifications, click Load older activities. To remove a sales activity notification, click the delete delete icon.


  • Hover over a sales activity notification to followup with the contact. Click CallEmail, Create TaskCreate Note, or Schedule to complete your followup from the contact record.


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