Review calls on the iOS mobile app (BETA)

Last updated: March 15, 2021

In Beta

Applies to:

Sales Hub  Enterprise
Service Hub  Enterprise

Access a list of recorded calls while on the go using the HubSpot mobile app on your iOS device. You can listen to a call recording, review comments from other team members, or access the call transcript. You can also share a call recording with other users in your account, including users without a paid seat.

Review calls so you can track how your reps are doing and where they might need additional coaching. 

  • Open the HubSpot app on your device. 
  • In the bottom navigation menu, tap More
  • Tap Calls
  • A list of recorded calls will appear. This list includes any recorded calls made using the calling tool, or cloud recordings using HubSpot's integration with Zoom. Tap a call to listen to the recording, access the call transcript, view any comments, or share the recording:

Please note: if you don't see your calls listed, make sure Conversation Intelligence (CI) and call recording are turned on in your account settings. 

    • To listen to the recording, tap the playerPlay play icon. If you're reviewing a Zoom cloud recording, you can play, pause, or skip ahead to listen to a specific part of the call. 
    • To access the call transcript, tap Transcript


    • To share the call recording, tap the share share icon in the top right. When the recipient taps the call link on their device, the call details will open in the app.