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Predict likelihood to close with deal scores

Last updated: April 18, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Sales Hub   Professional , Enterprise

Deal scores predict the probability of winning the open deals in your pipelines, which can help teams to prioritize and focus on deals with higher chances to close. Deal scores are powered by AI, which checks several factors to generate the score, including data from deal properties and activities.

Please note: deal scores are for information only and shouldn't be used as the only factor in making business decisions. While HubSpot strives to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the scoring model, it may not always be accurate.

Understand deal score calculation

Before you start using deal scores, learn more about how and when scores are generated:

  • The following deal properties are currently taken into consideration when generating a deal score:
    • Deal amount: changes to the deal amount property.
    • Close date: the time until the close date and changes to the close date.
    • Create date: the time since the deal was created.
    • Deal stage: the time spent in the current stage.
    • Activities: the time since an activity was logged or associated contacts were last contacted (via calls, emails, or meetings), the time until the next scheduled activity, and the number of activities logged or times associated contacts were contacted (via calls, emails, or meetings).
    • Deal probability: the current deal probability and changes to the deal probability.
    • Next step: the time since the deal's next step was updated.
    • Owner: the time spent without an owner and changes to the assigned owner.
  • Scores reflect a percentage probability, so a score of 85 predicts an 85% likelihood of winning the deal. The higher the score, the greater probability the deal will be won.
  • A deal's score will be updated in the following scenarios:
    • For new deals, a score will be created, but it may take up to 6 hours to appear after the deal is created.
    • For existing deals, the score will be updated if the new score is significantly different (+/- 3%). Changes to existing scores may take up to 6 hours to appear after relevant properties have been updated.
    • If the relevant properties for a deal have not been updated in two weeks, the score will be updated automatically.
  • A deal's score will not be updated in the following scenarios:
    • For an existing deal where the new computed score was not significantly different from the prior score (+/-3%).
    • Once a deal is closed (moved to a Closed Lost or Closed Won stage), the deal score will not be updated moving forward.
    • Deals that are reopened will not receive a deal score. In these cases, it's recommended to create a new deal instead of re-opening a closed deal to get an accurate score.

Please note: the deal stage is the source of truth to indicate a deal is closed. If you manually set a deal's probability to 0% or 100% rather than closing the deal, those deals will still receive deal scores. To stop a deal from receiving a score, move the deal to a Closed Lost or Closed Won stage.

View deal scores

You can access deal scores by adding the Deal score property as a column in a deals view, or by viewing the Deal score card on individual deal records. You can also segment deals based on their deal scores in views and deal-based lists.

To view deal scores:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to CRM > Deals.
  • Click the listView list icon to view deals in a list.
  • Click Edit columns in the top right of the table.
  • In the dialog box:
    • On the left, search for and select the Deal Score checkbox.
    • On the right, click and drag Deal Score to the desired position in your columns.
    • Click Apply.
  • In the Deal Score column, you can view each deal's score. 
  • To sort deals based on their scores, click the Deal Score column. You can click the column again to change the sort order from descending to ascending.


  • To quickly view the key factors impacting the current score, hover over a deal and click Preview. The Deal score card will appear in the preview by default, but you can also customize the preview sidebar in your deal settings.
  • To view more information about an individual deal's score, click the name of the deal, and navigate to the Deal score card (BETA).

Learn more about customizing views.

View score key factors and history (BETA)

If your account has access to the Predictive Deal Score - Key Factors & History beta, the Deal score card on a deal record shows the key factors that have affected a deal's score. You can also view a deal's score history from the card. Users must have an assigned Sales Hub seat to view key factors and score history.

The Deal score card appears on the preview sidebar and deal record Overview tab by default, but you can customize previews and tabs in your deal settings.

Please note: key factors and history are available for scores updated after March 21, 2024. For scores set prior to this date, you can view the score value but factor and history information will be unavailable.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to CRM > Deals.
  • Click the name of a deal.
  • Navigate to the Overview tab, or a custom tab that includes the Deal score card.
  • The Deal score card includes the following information:
    • Current Score: the deal's current score between 0 and 100. If the score has been updated, this will also show the amount changed since the last update and when it was last updated. Learn more about how deal scores are calculated.
    • Key factors: under the current score, the top five key factors with + or - icons to indicate if the factor has a positive or negative impact on the score. In the example below, the deal's probability and number of sales activities negatively impacted the score, while the time until closing, time spent in the current stage, and number of close date changes positively impacted the score.
    • Score trend: a report that shows how the deal's score has changed over time. If a score has changed multiple times in one day, the most recent update is shown for that date. Hover over a data point to view the score. 


  • To view the history of a deal's score, on the Deal score card, click View score history. In the right panel, you can view all updates to a deal's score, including the five key factors that impacted each score.


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