How do I merge companies?

Last updated: January 24, 2018

You may occasionally wish to merge two existing companies in HubSpot.

Please note: if you have enabled the HubSpot Salesforce integration, you will not be able to merge companies. Learn how to uninstall the integration here.

  • Navigate to Companies.
  • Search for the company record you want to keep as your primary company.
  • Click the company name to open the contact record
  • Click Actions > Merge at the upper left.

  • Search for the company you want to merge into the primary company. Once you've selected your secondary company, click Merge. The domain of the secondary company will no longer be used. To learn more about what happens when you merge two companies, check out this article.

  • You will be notified that the merge is in progress. It can take up to 30 minutes for all of the companies' activities to sync.

To learn about merging contacts in HubSpot, check out this article.

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