What do Visits, Contacts, and Customers mean at the top of the Campaigns tool dashboard?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Applies to:

Marketing Hub: Basic, Pro, Enterprise

The Campaigns tool will display the following metrics for each individual campaign:

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User-added image
  • Visits: Total number of visits to content tied to the campaign.
    • This is the sum of Landing Page visits +visits from tracked links in Emails + Blog Posts views + visits from Keywords+ visits from Pay-per-click campaigns +visits from tracking URLs/Other Sources associated with the campaign.
  • Contacts: The number of new Contacts generated from content associated with the campaign.
    • This includes Contacts who were first added to HubSpot by submitting a form on a landing page associated with the campaign and Contacts who first visited the website from a Keyword, Pay-per-click campaign, or tracking URL/Other Source associated with the campaign that became a Contact.
  • Customers: The number of new Contacts generated from content associated with the campaign that are currently closed as Customers. Click here to learn more about closing a contact.

The Visits, Contacts, and Customers numbers at the top of the Campaign overview are calculated a little differently than most of the other metrics in HubSpot. These metrics are a simple sum of numbers, which means that some visits, contacts, and customers may be counted twice.

For example, if a contact visits a landing page tied to a campaign from a link in an email also tied to that campaign, their visits will be counted twice: once for visiting the landing page linked in the email and again for visiting your site directly from the email.

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