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Create and send customer support surveys

Last updated: December 18, 2018

Marketing Hub

Applies to:

Service Hub

Send a customer support survey to your customers to let them score their experience with one of your support representatives.

To set up a customer support survey:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Service > Customer Feedback.
  • In the Customer support section, click Set up survey.

  • Click Start.


1. Delivery

This is the channel your survey will be delivered through, with Email selected by default. Click the Recipients tab to continue.

2. Recipients

Choose when the survey will be sent:

  • In the Send the survey field, enter the number of hours after the ticket has been closed to send the survey email to your customers.
  • To send the survey to customers in a specific ticket pipeline, click the dropdown menu and select the pipeline.

Click the Customize tab to continue.


3. Customize

Customize the branding and appearance of your survey:

  • In the left pane, set the from name and from address that your survey will be sent from. You can select the name and address of any user in your account.

  • Enter your company's name in the Company name field.
  • Customize the Subject line for your survey email.
  • Click the Survey language dropdown menu and select the language you want the survey to be in.
  • Select one of the default color options, or set a custom color by entering a hex value or clicking the color picker to the right.

In the right pane, rreview the email, and when done, click the Follow-up tab to continue.


4. Follow-up

In the left pane, customize your follow-up questions based on the score they gave:

  • Click the 0 - 3 Difficult tab to enter text for customers who gave a low score.
  • Click the 4 - 5 Neutral tab to enter text for customers who gave a neutral score.
  • Click the 6 - 7 Easy tab to enter text for customers who gave a high score.

In the right pane, preview the follow-up question, and click the Thank you tab to continue.


5. Thank you

In the left pane, customize your thank you message a customer will see after submitting their survey response:

  1. Click to toggle the Show illustration switch on or off to show or not show the default illustration with your thank you message.
  2. Click 1-3 Difficult, 4-5 Neutral, and 6-7 Easy to customize different Header text and Body text for each category of survey responses.
  3. Enter a header for your thank you message in the Header text field for the selected category.
  4. Enter a thank you message in the Body text field for the selected category.

In the right, preview the thank you messages and click the Options tab to continue.


6. Options

Click the Choose who gets a notification when a survey response comes in dropdown menu and select teams and/or individual users to receive email notifications when a customer submits a support survey.

Click the Automation tab to continue.


7. Automation

To set up follow-up actions based on survey responses, click Create workflow below the 1-3 Difficult, 4-5 Neutral, and/or 6-7 Easy sections. In the right pane, select actions to automate or click See more to see other actions. Learn about using workflows actions.


8. Summary

Review your survey settings and take some time to ensure that the settings in previous steps have been set up correctly.

  • Click Preview to see how the survey will appear on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Click Test to send a version of the survey to yourself.
  • When you're done, click Publish to take your survey live.