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Last updated: October 19, 2018


Your sales dashboard includes five reports by default, each designed to give you an overview of your sales process. You can filter your entire dashboard by date range, owners, teams, or pipelines by clicking Filter dashboard at the top. To customize the setup of a specific report, hover over it and click Edit report settings.

Deal Forecast

The deal forecast report shows the amount of forecasted revenue for deals in your deal pipeline. This is calculated by multiplying the deal amount of each deal by the deal stage probability.  

This report will show all deal stages. All deals will appear so long as they have an amount associated with them and their close date falls within the time frame specified on the dashboard.

Deals Closed vs Goal

This report shows revenue from closed deals compared to your team’s quota or a custom goal. Use this report to track your team’s progress over time and to help set better sales goals. This report includes deals that were closed as won within the selected date range.

Team Activity

This report shows a stream of recent sales activity for your sales users. Click an activity to be taken to the associated record. 


This report only shows the 20 most recent sales activities. While you can filter by date range, this report will show the last 20 activities starting at the end date in the date filter. For example, if you filter this to look at activities that occurred between 1/1/2017 to 1/1/2018, you will see the last 20 activities that were logged, starting on 1/1/2018 and going backwards from there. 

Sales Performance 

The sales performance widget includes five metrics:
  • Contacts Created: the total number of new contacts created by the user currently selected in the Team members dropdown menu during the selected date range.
  • Contacts Assigned: the total number of contacts assigned to the user currently selected in the Team members dropdown menu during the selected date range. If the Team members filter is set to All team members, this will show the count of contacts with any HubSpot owner assigned. Contacts that do not have a value set for Contact owner will not be counted here.
  • Contacts Worked: this is the total number of contacts who were contacted via a sales engagement (call, email, or meeting) during the selected date range by the selected team member. Engagements must be logged in the CRM to be counted here.
  • New Deals Created: the total number of deals created during the selected date range that are currently assigned to the selected team member.
  • Deals Closed Won: this is the total number of deals marked as closed won with a close date within the selected date range and assigned to the selected team member.


This report shows the total number of calls, emails, notes, tasks, and meetings that occurred in the selected time frame. This shows the count of each engagement type that occurred during the selected date range by the selected team member. Hover over the data and click Quick view to see a list of the engagements in each category.

Please note: tasks will appear on the productivity report when the due date for the task is within the selected time range. 

For a list of reports available on the marketing dashboard, check out this article.

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