How do I log my email in the CRM using HubSpot Sales?

Last updated: November 21, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Starter, Professional

You can connect HubSpot Sales to the CRM to log email activities and automatically add new contacts that you email into the CRM.

Log an outgoing email in the HubSpot CRM

  • Open your Gmail or Outlook inbox and compose a new email.
  • Select a recipient.
  • Ensure the Log or Log to CRM checkbox is selected in your email compose window.

  • Once you check this box, it will remain checked for future email sends. If you uncheck this box, it will remain unchecked until checked again.
  • Click Send.
  • In your HubSpot Sales account, click Contacts in the main navigation menu and locate your email's recipient.
  • In your contact’s activity timeline, you will see a log of the sent email. 

Log_in_CRM_email_on_timelineThe email address you send from in your email client must be one of the following in order for logging to occur:

  • A user in your account
  • One of your connected email addresses under Account MenuProfile & Preferences,
  • An alias in your email client 

To prevent tracking of internal emails between you and your colleagues, the CRM will also not log emails sent between you and other contacts that match your email domain (e.g.

Log an incoming email reply in the HubSpot CRM

Replies to your emails that are sent through the HubSpot CRM will get logged automatically on the contact's timeline as long as you have a connected inbox with HubSpot Sales using Gmail or Outlook 365, or IMAP.

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