Is my contact list OK to email using HubSpot?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Make sure all of the following statements are true:

1. You have not purchased, rented, or leased this list from a third party.

Don’t import purchased or third party lists -- even those that promise to consist entirely of "opted in" people. Purchased lists are by definition filled with people who don’t know who you are yet, and that’s a big problem. When your email hits their inbox, they’re much more likely to mark your email as spam. This could get you suspended from sending email using HubSpot.

2. You have an unsubscribe or suppression list to go along with it.

Email lists should always come in twos. The second list is your suppression list, and should include emails that bounced, opted out, or even reported you as spam. If you’re not uploading a suppression list at the same time you’re uploading a contact list, it’s doubtful you know enough about these contacts to email them effectively.

3.You have a prior relationship with the contacts on this list.

If someone doesn’t know who you are yet, email is not the place to introduce yourself. You need to create great content and organically draw leads to you, and then engage them via email once they’ve voluntarily shared their email address with you. Anything else is just bad Outbound Marketing -- and it simply doesn’t work.

4. You have emailed these contacts within the past year.

Email addresses that are over a year old bounce at a significantly higher rate than more recently acquired email addresses. Addresses change. People change companies, ISPs, and last names. Emails that you send to stale addresses are much more likely to be hard bounced or marked as spam. If your contacts haven’t heard from you in over twelve months, it’s time to use valid inbound marketing tactics to attract them to you all over again. Honestly, it’s better that way.

Email marketing is not a situation where it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. If you’re still not sure if your contact list is okay to use with HubSpot, please contact our email deliverability team for assistance. We're here to help.

If you’re unsure why it’s important to maintain good, high-quality contacts lists, learn why you might be suspended from sending emails in HubSpot.

Still have questions? Please reach out to your Tech Setup Engineer, Inbound Marketing Consultant, or Account Manager.