Log email replies in the CRM

Last updated: August 20, 2018

Email replies to a message sent through a connected email inbox will be logged in your CRM automatically. When you receive a reply to an untracked email, or a new email from a client or contact, you can log it in HubSpot manually using your forwarding CRM email address.

Replies to emails sent using a connected inbox

Replies to emails will be logged automatically on the contact's timeline if you have connected your inbox and the following is true:

  • The original email was sent through the CRM or sent from your connected inbox email client with the Log checkbox selected. Please note that a connected inbox is required in order to send email from the CRM.
  • The original email was not sent to an email address or domain listed in your Never Log list
  • The original email was sent from a user in your account.

Replies to untracked emails

Replies to emails that were sent without a connected inbox can be forwarded to the CRM using your forwarding address

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