Create follow-up emails for forms

Last updated: August 13, 2019

Automate your lead nurturing process by adding follow-up emails to your forms. You can schedule up to three follow-up emails for contacts to receive after a submission.

Add a follow up email to your form

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms.
  • Click the name of an existing form to add follow up emails, or create a new form.
  • In the forms editor, click the Follow-up tab. Then click Create follow-up email.
  • Customize the details of your follow-up email:
    • Subscription type: select a subscription type for your follow-up email.
    • From user: click the From user dropdown menu and selectuser. This user will be the From name and email address for your follow-up email.
    • Subject line: add a subject for the follow-up email.
    • Email body: add email body text to continue engaging your contact. If you need to customize your email footer:
      • Click Edit email footer to edit your company's name and address in your email configuration settings.
      • Click Save to apply this footer to your email.
    • Click Save.

Add additional follow-up emails

You can add up to three follow-up emails per form with the forms tool. To add another email:

  • Click the + plus icon.
  • Repeat the steps above to edit the email details.
  • To adjust the delay between emails, click the hourglass icon delay to adjust the number of days. You can delay follow-up emails for up to 30 days.


  • After customizing the rest of your form settings, click Publish.