Will automated out-of-office replies cause my contacts to be unenrolled from sequences?

Last updated: April 17, 2018

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Sales Hub
Starter, Professional, Enterprise

Contacts who send an automated out-of-office reply using Gmail or Outlook will not automatically be unenrolled from sequences (unless they meet another condition for unenrollment).

The sequences tool is able to detect specific code used by these autoresponders and excludes these responses when evaluating a contact for unenrollment from a sequence. 

Please note: automated out-of-office replies vary across email clients. Sequences currently only detects out-of-office responses sent in the following scenarios:
  • Gmail out-of-offices replies sent to Gmail inboxes
  • Outlook out-of-offices sent to Gmail inboxes
  • Outlook out-of-offices sent to Outlook inboxes
Gmail out-of-office replies that are sent to Outlook inboxes will not be recognized automatically and contacts in this scenario will be unenrolled. It's recommended that you always review your contacts' replies to learn more about your contacts and to ensure that they remain in the correct sequence. 

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