How can I create a Facebook Messenger bot in HubSpot?

Last updated: March 13, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub: Basic, Pro, Enterprise

With the Facebook Messenger integration in HubSpot, you can create bots to respond to visitors when they message your page on Facebook.

To begin creating your bot:

  • In your HubSpot Marketing BasicProfessional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Social Messenger.
  • Click Connect Messenger. If you haven't connected a Facebook page yet, you'll be brought to your social settings. For more information on connecting social accounts in HubSpot, check out this article. When you're finished connecting your account, return to the Messenger tab.

  • Confirm the page you'd like to use, then click Next

  • Enter a Greeting. This will appear at the top of the chat window to introduce visitors to your business. When you're finished, click Next.

  • Customize the responses visitors will see when they interact with your bot. Click an existing message to make edits or click a plus icon between messages to add an action. You can set up automated questions and responses or select from the CRM actions to set contact/company property values or add contacts to a static list. When you're finished, click Next.

  • Here you'll see a preview of what users will see when they send a message on your Facebook page. Toggle between the tabs to see your greeting and messaging. If you're happy with the preview, click Publish to take the integration live. Click Back to make changes before publishing if needed.

Once you've set up your messenger integration, you can see a list of contacts who have interacted with your bot on by clicking Audience in the left sidebar menu of the Facebook Messenger tab. Click Open in Messenger to reach out to your visitor from Facebook or click View contact to see their record in HubSpot. 

If you need to make changes to the integration after the initial setup, click Manage in the left sidebar menu of the Facebook Messenger tab of the social tool.

  • On the Facebook Page tab:
    • Click the "Send Message" Facebook CTA toggle switch to add a "Send Message" CTA to your Facebook page. 
    • If you'd like to disable your messenger bot, click the Messenger Assistant switch to toggle it off. Please note that if you turn this off, visitors who chat with you on Facebook will no longer receive the automatic greeting, welcome, and reply messages you've set up and will no longer be synced to HubSpot as contacts.
    • If you'd like to remove the connection between HubSpot and Facebook Messenger completely, click Delete in the Disconnect Messenger from HubSpot box. 

  • On the Greeting tab, edit the greeting that appears at the top of the messenger window for visitors. Click Save to take your changes live.
  • On the Messaging tab, you can make edits to your messaging and menu and turn off the messenger bot.
    • Click Edit next to Messaging to edit the responses, questions, and actions you set up for your bot. 
    • Here you can also set up menu items to allow visitors to quickly access information about your business. Click the pencil icon next to Menu Label 1 to add a menu item. Enter a new label, then click the Action type dropdown menu and select URL. Enter a full URL into the URL field. Click Save.

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