How do I use a goal list to manage my workflow enrollment with HubSpot Sales Professional?

Last updated: November 27, 2017

Applies to:

Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

For Sales Professional users, the goal list critieria can work as a suppression list that identifies contacts that should be omitted from your workflow or skipped for future workflow actions.

You can suppress contacts with your goal list based on contact, company, and deal property values. You can also target contacts based on their enrollment status in another workflow or based on form submissions with lead flows or collected forms

  • To add goal criteria to your workflow, click the Goal icon in the top-left corner of your workflow. 

  • Select the criteria you'd like to use for your goal list, then click Done.

  • You can add criteria to the goal list using the AND button or the OR button in the goal list filters.
  • Once you've finished selecting all of your goal list criteria, click Save.

Going forward, any contact that meets the criteria of your goal list will not be enrolled in the workflow. Contacts who are active in the workflow and meet the criteria you've set in your goal list will be unenrolled from any future workflow actions. You'll be able to view which active contacts were unenrolled from your workflow in the workflow history.

Please note: goal list conversion metrics are used to measure engagement with specific marketing content and are only available for Marketing Professional and Enterprise users.

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