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Receive calls within HubSpot (BETA)

Last updated: January 20, 2023

In Beta

Applies to:

All products and plans

You can answer inbound phone calls in HubSpot. This allows you to easily access records and write notes from your desktop without the need to forward the call to a cellular device. Inbound calls save to the Call Index Page once the call is answered for easy access to take real-time notes and review the call after it ends.

Please note: you must use a supported browser to receive calls in HubSpot.

Set up inbound calling

  • From the Calling settings tab where you configured your HubSpot provided number, under Device ringing, click the dropdown menu to select whether you want inbound calls to Ring in HubSpot browser or Forward to phone number. To answer calls on your desktop and utilize CRM record features from the inbound call tab, you must select Ring in HubSpot browser.


  • After you set up your HubSpot provided number, click the calling Inbound Calling icon on the top right navigation bar. A pop-up will appear that links to the Call tab page.


  • Click Open call tab. The Call tab page will open which enables you to receive inbound calls in your HubSpot browser. The Call tab page must remain open to receive inbound calls.

Receiving and managing inbound calls

Incoming calls to your inbound phone number will appear in a Call Remote dialog box next to the calling Inbound Calling icon on the top right navigation bar and on the Call tab page. You can answer the call in either place.

incoming-call-within-hubspot (1)

(Call Remote within HubSpot)


(Call tab page)

To answer an inbound call:

  • Click Accept to answer the call on the Call Remote dialog box or the Call tab page. The call will show it's connected with a green flashing circle next to the calling Inbound calling icon or a red circle on the tab of the Call tab page. If you click into the Call tab page, a green banner will appear that says Active call.
  • To access the call record to take notes during the call:
    • From the Call Remote dialog box:
      • Navigate to the Call Remote dialog box next to the top right navigation bar.
      • Click Call Details.
    • From the Call tab page:
      • Navigate to your HubSpot account tab on your browser.
      • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Calls.
  • From the Calls screen, the inbound call record will appear at the top of the call index. Click the title to access the call record.
  • From the call record, you can take notes during the call and associate the call with other CRM records. If you have a Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise paid seat, you can access transcripts from your inbound call:
    • To take notes:
      • From the call record screen, click Edit note.
      • Type notes in the text box.
      • Click Save.
    • To associate CRM records with the call:
      • In the right sidebar of the call record screen, click objectAssociations Associations.
      • Click + Add next to ContactsCompaniesDeals, or Tickets to associate a new record or existing record with the inbound call.
      • Click Save.
    • To access call transcripts and write comments (Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise only), from the call record screen, review transcripts and write comments after the call is complete.

Missed calls

If you are unable to answer an inbound call, the user will hear the message: “I am sorry. The person you reached isn’t available. Please try again shortly.” You will receive a notification that the call has been logged. If you have Allow Call Recording enabled, your inbound callers can leave voicemails. Learn more about accessing voicemails on the Call Index page.

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