How to set up resubscription emails for forms and lead flows

Last updated: July 12, 2018

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If a contact has unsubscribed from your emails, then returns to your site and fills out a new form or lead flow, you can give them the option to resubscribe using the Resubscription email setting. With this setting enabled, contacts who have unsubscribed will be prompted to send themselves a resubscription email and update their subscription preferences.

Please note: the resubscription email link will only appear for contacts who have unsubscribed from all email communications. If a contact has unsubscribed from only a specific email type, the resubscription link will not appear. These contacts will need to click the subscription preferences link in a previously received email from you to resubscribe. 

Follow the steps below to enable this feature and set up your resubscription email.

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