Connected Email

Log email replies in the CRM

Last updated: March 4, 2020

Email replies to a message sent through a connected email inbox will be logged in your CRM automatically. When you receive a reply to an email that was not previously logged, or a new email from a client or contact, you can log it in HubSpot manually using your forwarding CRM email address.

Replies to emails sent using a connected inbox

Replies to emails will be logged automatically on the contact's timeline if you have connected your inbox and the following is true:

  • The original email was sent through the CRM or sent from your connected inbox's email client with the Log checkbox selected. A connected inbox is required in order to send emails from the CRM.
  • The original email was not sent to an email address or domain listed in your Never Log list
  • The inbox is still connected when the reply is received.
  • The sender of the reply is an existing contact in HubSpot.

Replies to emails that were not previously logged

If you send an email from your connected inbox, but you do not select the Log checkbox when sending the message, this email will not log to your CRM and therefore, subsequent replies to that email will not log. However, the replies can be forwarded to the CRM using your forwarding address.

Replies to emails that were sent from non-contacts

If a reply comes from another email address to your thread, and this email address is not an existing contact, the reply will not log to your CRM.

An example is when an email is sent to (an existing contact) but a reply comes from (not a contact).

However, the replies can be forwarded to the CRM using your forwarding address and you can opt to merge the two contact records.

Replies to email filtered to another folder (IMAP inboxes only)

HubSpot traces related replies in the Inbox folder only through the inbox connection. The reply must be in the main Inbox folder, not in a child folder or an entirely separate folder. If a reply email is moved to a separate folder because of filtering rules, the reply will likely not log to the CRM.