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How to use Tasks

Last updated: August 7, 2017

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Sales: Free, Professional

Once you've added your contacts to the CRM and have begun organizing your data, you can start nurturing your sales qualified leads. The tasks tool in HubSpot's CRM helps you to keep track of your to-do list and easily access the records associated with each task.

Follow the steps below to create and complete your tasks with ease. 

Create a task

From a contact, company, or deal record

In your HubSpot Sales account, navigate to ContactsCompanies, or Deals in the main navigation bar. Click on the name of the record with which you'd like the task to be associated. 

In the activity box above the timeline, click Create task. You can use the single field to quickly enter a task or click Add details to add more information to your task, assign an owner to your task, etc. The record you're currently on will automatically be associated with the task. 

Once you've added the details of your task, click Save task

From the Tasks Dashboard

You can also create a task from the tasks dashboard and associate it with a contact, company, or deal. Navigate to Tasks in the main navigation bar.

  • Click Create a task.
  • Enter a title and adjust the due date as needed.
  • Click Add Task.

Once you've created your task, click on the task name in your dashboard to edit. In the dialogue box that appears, you can add/edit the following:

  • Associated records: add a contact, company, or deal.
  • Set a due date.
  • Set an email reminder.
  • Add any notes for your task. Click Save to save any changes you make specific to notes.
  • Set your task type.
  • Assign your task to someone.

Any changes you make here will automatically save to your task.

Complete your tasks

Once you've created your task, it will appear on the timeline of any associated records. Locate the task where it appears in the timeline, then choose ActionsEdit to make changes if necessary. 

Your task will also appear on the Tasks Dashboard. You can filter your tasks by the owner/user, types, and due dates. You can also search for a specific task or use the left sidebar menu to quickly go to tasks that are due today, due this week, or that have already been completed.

Once you've taken care of a task, click the circular checkbox to the left to mark it as completed.

Completed tasks will be reflected in the Productivity widget of your Sales Dashboard.

Create task queues

Create different task queues so you can organize your to-do lists and finish them quickly. By creating task queues, you can organize similar tasks into one place and go through tasks in a series. To create a task queue, click Add a queue and give your queue a name.

HubSpot Help article screenshot

Next, assign tasks to your queue. You can click on the queue in the left sidebar menu from the tasks dashboard and start the queue to automatically cycle through each task that needs completion. Click here to learn more about tasks queues.

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